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Sep 24, 2012 08:14 AM

Lunch in the BackBay (2)

Major thanks to C. Hamster, teezeetoo, and all the others who provided first-hand tips for the business luncheon I asked about in my previous post.

Actually, I need to plan TWO luncheons. The seating-for-twelve was for the Executive Committee of my organization. On the following day, I need to locate a venue for a two-hour private lunch for 25-40, with a small podium. We'll look for something around $40 per plate, with proximity to the convention hotels once again highly desirable.

For this event, I'm going to be checking out some of the places already suggested for the first lunch. Any further thoughts will be most appreciated!

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  1. You might add Davio's to your list. When I worked in Back Bay my company often hosted events there. They have several function rooms and the food and service were always good.

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    1. re: pasuga

      agree about davio's and will add brasserie jo.

    2. I agree with Davio's and Brasserie Jo.

      Does Davio's have rooms other than the one by the front door? Because that's pretty small.

      I dont know if bistro du midi would let you have their "all day" menu in a private room but it might be worth asking

      Also Capitol Grill has rooms. Might be too spendy though.

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        sel de la terre has private rooms and lunch menus (complete menu) from 39 and up. la voile serves lunch but I don't recall private rooms though it is best to call and check. Tico also can do private events. These are all, along with Brasserie Jo and Davios, walkable from the Convention Center. And, though this will raise hackles, Legal Seafood is another option (it was often our "alas" fall back position when we had to entertain an academic group from out of town for lunch). Good luck!

        1. re: teezeetoo

          Thank you! I've written to Brasserie Jo, and we'll see what they say. It's nice to have so many great options, and so much good advice. This Chowhound thing is great!

          1. re: teezeetoo

            It pains me to sound like such a naysayer esp about places I like ... But ...
            Tico is impossibly loud at all times and doesn't have a private room that I know of. It would be impossible to do podium there. Menu might not lend itself to a business lunch either. Still I like the place.

            La Voille is another place I go to often. But it doesn't have a private room and 40 people would take up all their space so you'd have to rent out the restaurant.

            But either Tico or LV might work for the smaller event.

            I think DaMiller is probably best served by those Back Bay joints which have private rooms.

          2. re: C. Hamster

            davio's has several different sized private rooms and can also use the space that faces arlington st. for a group as large as 40.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              I think we're probably going to go with Brasserie Jo, but I may have to make myself a dinner reservation at Davio's. Within an hour of reading pasuga's and hotoynoodle's comments yesterday, I was listening to an audiotape of Joe Mantegna reading one of Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels, and there they were--Hawk, Spenser, and Susan--having dinner at Davio's. Clearly a sign!

              1. re: DaMiller

                while davio's remains busy, it ceased being an "it" place about the time of those spenser novels. i.e. at least a decade ago.

                2 dishes i still love though are the gnocchi and the chicken livers.