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Sep 24, 2012 08:08 AM

Has anyone made candy coating?

I bought several bags of candy coating so that my daughter and her friends could make cake pops. Even though the coating tasted disgusting, it was a lot easier to handle than tempering chocolate or using a thick ganache (what I usually do for my truffles). Have any of you made your own candy coating or have a recipe? I wonder if a bit of oil added to chocolate would be the same? (It has to be fool-proof and kid-proof.) TIA.

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  1. When I was young my mother made candy coating by using chocolate chips and Parowax. I no longer have the recipe, but I'm sure some sort of Google miracle can find one. The wax made it so that there was no need to temper the chocolate or worry that it would seize if a drop of moisture got into the pan.

    1. I don't have a recipe but you can buy better quality and better tasting candy coating or summer coating than the Wilton or Merckens stuff. I believe a lot of the chocolate manufacturers make a version. The difference being the substitution of cocoa butter with palm oil or palm kernel oil.

      I'm not sure where you can buy it. I know the grocery stores have some they call chocolate bark but it is the summer coating. I will check around to find a source.

      I did find at least one source:

      Kitchen Krafts is a candy making supplier. They have Merckens and Guittard as well as all kinds of candy flavors, fillers and molds. is another supplier.

      Candyland is yet another

      Another possibility is to add Loran's flavor oils to the summer coating for whatever flavors you want.

      1. You could add a little shortening and corn syrup to melted chocolate. .

        1. Yes, we make hard shell coating very similar to M&M's

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