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Saturday Brunch in Cambridge or Somerville?

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Any suggestions for a Saturday brunch in Cambridge or Somerville? I am thinking Russell House Tavern, but haven't come up with any other possibilities. Thanks!

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  1. Magoun's in Somerville does Saturday brunch.

      1. Area Four has a wonderful brunch.

        1. Johnny D's does brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

          1. Ball Square Cafe in Ball Square, Somerville, does brunch 7 days a week.

            1. Craigie has brunch (not sure if it's both days), but the hash is to die for.

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                Yes, that was my original choice, but the website says it is only on Sundays.:( Still undecided.

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                  Johhny D's in Davis sq jazz brunch was always great, esp oatmeal and pancakes although i havent been in years but hope its the same. Also I imagine Friendly Toast in Kendall Sq is great. not brunch but breakfast or lunch all day. I have only been to the Portsmouth one but its one of our favorite places

              2. Tatte does a Saturday brunch. If you are not the sort of person who can resist the temptation to eat fifteen croissants, though, you may wish to avoid it.