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Sep 24, 2012 06:11 AM

Baton Rouge near I-10 or I-12

My wife and I will be traveling thur Baton Rouge on Sept 27th on the way to Texas. I'm looking for a good place to eat that is near I-12 coming in from the east or just off I-10 as we head west. Need names and exits.


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  1. Baton Rouge is a tough has been clawing out of a culinary wasteland for years although it had some top spots 40 years ago. Just rambling through I think you'd probably be best with Parrain's which does lots of seafood and can be really very good. They do char-grilled oysters that are pretty decent, gumbo is a fairly standard one. It is open throughout the day so that gives you flexibility. Driving west, I-12 will merge with I-10. After the roads merge, the second exit is Acadian Thruway (on the right, shortly after the first exit which is College over towards the right by the time you hit College). Take a left at the ramp light and go under the RR tracks, bearing right. The next road is Perkins and you turn right there at an Iberia Bank. Get in the left lane as soon as you can..the right lane will put you back on the Interstate. The next traffic light is for the Westbound Interstate exit/entrance. Just past this is a quickie-Med place of some sort and Parrain's is the next entrance immediatelyl after that on the right.

    I am told that Juban's--which is nearby and is considered more "fine dining" has improved greatly but I have not darkened the door in years. Sometimes I will go to Mansur's on my way through but I usally just wait until New Orleans where I get what I want and don't have to bother with complicated concoctions that are on most "modern" menus

    1. We ended up a little early in Baton Rough that I thought we would, and it was a little too early to stop for lunch. We crossed the Mississippi thinking I would find a place on the west side of Baton Rough to eat, but had no luck. After crossing the Atchafalaya Basin it was about time to stop and we were beginning to get hungry. Just east of Breaux Bridge we saw a sign for Landry’s Seafood. We stopped there for lunch and are we happy we did!!!!
      Great food and service. Fair prices. If ant of you are traveling between Baton Rough and Lafayette on I-10 I highly recommend this restaurant as a great place to eat.