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Sep 23, 2012 08:40 PM

2012 Bloomsberg Fair Cuisine


The Bloomsburg Fair is in full swing, and my family of three ( my husband, 3 year old, and myself) will be going this week. I am wondering what your recommendations are as far as the food. We like everything, and we are willing to splurge on anything that is exceptionally delicious, even if it is unhealthy.

All recommendations are welcome! Please try to direct me to the area where your recommended food is located, if possible!

Thank You!!!

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    1. Mr. Sticky's for sticky buns. Other than the people watching it is the highlight of my trips to the Bloomsburg Fair. They are usually on a corner to the left of the the main walkway not far from the hot tub vendors.

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        Thank you for the recommendation, ithimus! My husband LOVES sticky buns, so I imagine that we will be stopping by Mr. Sticky's.

        BTW, is Mr. Sticky's located in the Williamsport area??? A few years ago I went to a great sticky bun place in Williamsport with a friend of mine who lives there. I am wondering if this is related....

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          Yes, it is probably the same place. Until recently, I never knew of Mr. Sticky's but now it seems that every church, school and sports team in my area is selling them for fundraisers.

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            Yes Williamsport is their original brick and mortar store.

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          1. Bissinger's for apple dumplings and cinnamon ice cream. Sort of in the middle of the food streets area, a little closer to the racetrack. The line forms on 4th Street (yes, there's always a line, but it does move quickly)

            Cactus Taters, which are like long strings of freshly made potato chips. I saw two stands this year. One is just down the street from Bissinger's, on 4th Street. Sprinkle some of the toppings on them to make them extra yummy.

            A new stand this year which I really enjoyed was Blazing Swine Barbecue. They had pulled pork, brisket, ribs in a giant smoker. I got the combination pulled pork and brisket. Really tender and tasty, and a HUGE serving for $10. They're located down near machinery row, probably 12th Street.

            Deep fried pierogies and potato cakes from Running Deer Hunt Club. They're on Avenue E near the cattle barns/arena.

            Pierogies with butter and onions from the stand right next to the Running Deer Hunt Club. Don't know their name, but their pierogies in butter and onions were outstanding. Their potato cakes, not so much.

            Pumpkin whoopie pies or pumpkin roll from the Amish or Mennonite stand on the other side of E Ave from the pierogi stands. Light as air and super-tasty.

            Gyros from John the Greek, 10th Street near the band shell.

            Yeah, I put on a couple of pounds yesterday. Can't wait to go back!

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              Thank you for all the wonderful information, lisavf!!! Once again, you have proven to be a wealth of information for our area!

              We are planning our excursion for tomorrow, so I will be sure to arrive at the fair in a very hungry state so that I get to try all of your recommendations. I will try to share everything with my husband since he is much bigger than I am.

              My little one LOVES french fries, black and white milk shakes, baked potatoes, plain hotdogs and hamburgers (only the meat without the bun), and chocolate chip cookies. She also loves barbecued meat if it is more dry and not so spicy. Would you happen to have any recommendations for any of these items???

              Thanks, again, for your recommendations!!!

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                I haven't been to the Blooomsburg Fair in many years and this thread is bringing back memories. My mom would take me out of school for the day so we could travel there to eat all day.

                What are black and white milk shakes?

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                  Hi cleobeach!

                  I hope that my daughter has wonderful memories of our time together, too...just like you do! I know that I have wonderful memories of my mother...

                  As far as black and white milkshakes, basically they are vanilla and chocolate. There are two possible ways to make them, either half vanilla and half chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream with the perfect amount of chocolate syrup so that the shake is a color right in between that of a chocolate shake and a vanilla shake.

                  I am not sure if the black and white terminology is from Philadelphia, (like calling sprinkles "jimmies") or from Hazleton. This was what my parents used to call the shake that I described! Everyone in my family loves a black and white milkshake!

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                    In my head, I was picturing a milkshake that looked like a black and white cookie! Half chocolate on one side and the other white and wondered to myself how could that be possible.

                    I can remember begging to go into those "freak" show-ish type tents, like the world's largest or smallest horse. Do they still have those?

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                  Hi, Valentine! I hope this reaches you before you go.

                  There are lots of french fry stands, and hot dogs and hamburgers. I never get them since they are things I can get any time, but I'm sure you will find some good ones. I haven't seen black and white shakes, but there are milk shake stands. Try the Penn State Creamery stand - if they do make milkshakes, they are sure to be good. Also, there was one stand where they were churning the ice cream on site. I don't know the name of it, but it was near the animal barns and the arena. I didn't get anything there because by the time we made it back there, I was full beyond full. That was one disappointment.

                  The Blazing Swine stand's meats were not sauced until they were plated, so you could definitely get them dry (but still very moist on their own). I don't think their rub was particularly spicy, but you could ask them to give you center pieces to avoid the rub.

                  There are a few stands that sell donuts, and I'm pretty sure they also had cookies. The donuts from these stands are really fresh and yummy, so if they do have cookies, I'd bet they would be good as well.

                  One of the churches with a stand on E Avenue (right side as you walk in Gate 4/5) was advertising baked potatoes. Can't vouch for them, but I think all of the churches do well. Lots of them have good soups. One note on the soups: chicken pot pie is actually a soup, chicken vegetable soup with large egg noodles. The first time I got one many years ago, I was really disappointed because I thought I was getting an actual pot pie!

                  The "new" thing at the fair this year is deep-fried Pop-Tarts. Not my thing, but it sure sounds like something the kids would enjoy.

                  Also, if you like cheese steaks, my friend swears by Vince's. They're located on E Avenue, near the Gate 4/5 entrance, on the left side as you're entering the fairgrounds.

                  I hope you have fun!

                  BTW, did you ever make it to Forks or Ochs?

              2. Hello and thank you all for your suggestions for chow at the Bloomsberg Fair! We did make it to the fair on the very last night! I am so happy that we did, because we had some great food and had fun watching all of the people.

                We started off at the new Blazing Swine BBQ place, We all enjoyed the BBQ platter with the succulent pulled pork and the ribs. We do hope that they come back next year so that we can enjoy their food again!

                Next, we ventured to Gross's for their famous hand cut and double fried Belgian style french fries. My toddler devoured them! They were excellent in the crispness and also the quality of the potatoes. We loved them!!!

                The third stop was Bissinger's for the apple dumplings and cinnamon ice-cream. We did have to wait in line, but it did seem to move rather quickly. I would have waited a lot longer for those sweet and flaky dumplings and the smooth cinnamon ice-cream.

                Finally. we stopped at Mr. Sticky's for a sticky bun, of couse. We loved their sticky buns with nuts. I could eat one of these every single day!!!

                Thank you to everyone for directing my family to these wonderful food stands at the fair!!! We will be going back next year to try more places if our stomachs can handle it!!!