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Sep 23, 2012 07:48 PM

5 days & 4 nights in pdx,here is my hitlist,any tips would be appreciated

I'm planning a long weekend trip to pdx for Halloween.
I am a chef looking to get as much places to dine out at.

Let pigeon
a pizza ascholls
Tasty & sons
Toronto bravo
Pok pok
Nong Mon gai
pinestate biscuits
screen door
flabby jack

Am I missing anything?Thanks

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  1. Let pigeon = Le Pigeon
    a pizza ascholls = Apizza Scholls
    Toronto bravo = Toro Bravo (Brave Bull, not Brave City In Canada)
    Nong Mon gai = Nong's Khao Man Gai
    Voodoo: do you want good donuts or "interesting" ones? This is a tourist trap. But if you like dirty hipsters who are doing you a favor by serving you cheaply made items designed to resemble genitalia, this is your place! If not, try Coco instead and get the "Coco".
    flabby jack = I'll take a wild stab at this. Do you mean Slappy Cakes? A novelty, but more of a place to bring the kids.

    Other than Slappy Cakes and Voodoo, this is a solid list. As far as other choices, what is your taste/transportation/budget? If you're from Honolulu, most Asian here won't knock your socks off.

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      Thanks for the tips brah, sent from my phone so the typos happened much obliged.

      1. re: Leonardo

        agree Voodoo donuts is just a tourist trap. Really not worth it at all. My god dunkin dounts is better.

        Having lived in honolulu, you comment about asian food is wrong. Their asain food is limited to japanese more noodles based or their hawaiian fusion of chinese/korean/japanese. Our Thai, viet, some japanese and chinese is better.

      2. Tanuki, Boke Bowl, Bollywood Theater, Salt and Straw ( next door to each other!)

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          Thanks all hope to crush this list of places to dine out @