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Sep 23, 2012 05:54 PM

Recommendations for Top Flight Sushi with a la carte option?

Hello CHs - long time reader, tyro poster.

I am taking the Mrs to dinner for our anniversary in a few weeks - and we both agreed on a special sushi dinner but she is less adventurous than I and is not likely to enjoy a full omikase or set menu. Dont know if this is heresy, but are there top places where you can just order what you wish? Might not be the top of the season - and will be far more expensive than a set -- but shogunai....

From what I have seen- Kyubey offers this... Any others?

Also - needs to be gaijin accessible.



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  1. ok that will be expensive ! Try sushi yasan Sushi Ko Honten in Ginza (one star), and ask if the master Sugiyama is there at that time (he is on 2nd floor), ..The chef Sugiyama san has some speciality of crab japanese mayo(without oil), maguro no tsuji aburi (tuna tendon grilled, very meaty, very good), and some other aburi specialities that go very well with wine !! Each piece supplement is around 2,000 to 3000yens each !! so you'd better convince her to take a 'omakase' and exchange the pieces she is hopping for (ask for the possibilities)!!
    Diner omakase is at 16,000yens, English spoken.

    1. Most places do "okonomi" style for dinner by default and you have to ask for omakase.

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        1. Thanks - I appreciate the feedback. I looked at the cost and it will be silly expensive. I'm thinking about something else for this and Kyubey for lunch. Anyone want to go to dinner with me?