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Sep 23, 2012 05:36 PM

Breeders Cup November Dining Recommendation

I am coming for the Breeders cub and staying in Pasadena, CA. Any suggestions for dining.

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  1. Vincenzo Ristorante in santa monica. great place. small but great! was there is feb '12..
    nice dessert/icecream shop acrross the street.
    also FIG on wilshire Blvd. santa monica. in the hotel there. can't remember the name but both places great food

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    1. re: halochef

      Those are good but they're an awfully long distance from Pasadena and Arcadia where the OP is going to be.

    2. also have the corned beef sandwich when at SA! on the 3rd floor. man, turkey or roast beef or the corned beef ALL carved in front of you. that was one of the best when we where there.
      (hit a few race also:-)

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      1. re: halochef

        Yes, their carved sandwiches are some of the best food there.

      2. The Derby in Arcadia is a long established restaurant hangout and watering hole for horse racing fans, owners, trainers and jockeys. One of the original co-owners was George Woolf. It should be worth at least one visit when you go to Santa Anita.

        There are many good dining choices in Pasadena and there have been many threads here discussing them. It depends a lot on what types of food and price range that you would prefer. I would suggest doing a Chowhound search under “Pasadena” and perusing through past threads, especially the most recent ones.

        1. Din Tai Fung is a great place to go for good soup dumplings, shrimp fried rice, veggies, shanghai rice cakes, appetizer, soups, noodles, etc...

          It's right on Baldwin about 5 minute drive from Santa Anita.

          1. Chang's Garden in Arcadia
            Din Tai Fung