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Sep 23, 2012 05:18 PM

baby shower brunch/lunch venue Morristown

I am looking for a place to have a brunch or lunch baby shower for about 25 women in or near Morristown. I would need a private room. and hopefully not super expensive. Thanks !!

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  1. How important is the menu? Famished Frog in Morristown has a private room, a parking deck right behind it, and they do lots of showers (I've been to one there)...the only caveat is that the food is just average, imo.

    The Hat Tavern at the Grand Summit Hotel has what I think they call a 'wine cellar' or 'wine room' that I think can be used for small private parties too...

    1. The Grand Cafe in Morristown has lovely private rooms and great food. The Black Horse Inn in nearby Mendham has a nice private room upstairs with good food. Both venues would be nice for a shower.

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        But she said not super expensive...

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          I've been to both places for lunch and private parties and i would call the price range for the Grand Cafe moderate and the Black Horse a bit less expensive. The ambience and service is as good as the food and well worth the $$, IMHO.

      2. You might also check out the Madison Hotel, which is right outside of Morristown...they have a newish casual restaurant (the Red Dog?)...

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          I had one other thought. The Artist Baker which is on Cattano is closed for regular business on Sundays. Perhaps you might be able to do a brunch or even a tea with them on a Sunday. I believe that they can accommodate up to 40 people. Since they don't have a liquor license, they may be more reasonably priced. You could ask, but they might be considered a BYOB if you wanted to bring champagne. The food is really wonderful.