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Sep 23, 2012 04:49 PM

Meal Rotation

How many of you use a semi-formal "meal rotation" and how many just sort of "wing it" depending on what is in the fridge? Just curious.

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  1. The only meal rotation I ever experience is when I am heating up leftovers in the microwave oven.

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      Or at a Chinese restaurant with a Lazy Susan.

    2. I don't do a meal rotation, but have done it in the past. My husband grew up with his mom always doing a fairly strict rotation. We have found that being more flexible works out better for us. During the school year, we take our six-year old granddaughter to her dance/gymnastic class on Thursdays, so we usually eat dinner out that night, after dance. Tuesdays, one of the grandchildren usually has soccer practice at 5:30, and it's our local pizzaria's buy one get one night, so we often order pizza. My husband is retired and home during the week, so he usually cooks. We usually have pasta at least one night. I cook on weekends, and try to usually do something new, different, creative on Saturdays (although last night I made oven beef stew, which is none of those things:, but it felt fallish to me:) and on Sundays I usually do a pretty traditional family dinner...roast something, potaotoes, vegetable, salad, bread and dessert. Tonight was roast chicken.

      1. I cook what is in season and plentiful, and most probably on sale. I also cook what my husband, or I have a craving for.

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          That's pretty much it for me, as well. Whatever is in season and sounds good. Or whatever is in the freezer or fridge and sounds good!

        2. I do *not* use a rotation (and didn't grow up with one either). My only rule is that I must cook something I really want to eat. And the time to decide that is when I make the list to go shopping. Once the ingredients are in the fridge, they must not be wasted (and including them in what I'm cooking for the dogs does not constitute waste). Typically I make what I planned to before I went shopping, but occasionally I'll mix things up if for some reason the original plan doesn't appeal.

          1. No rotation. I wing it sometimes but mainly do a lot of planning. In fact, I usually plan out a week at a time (depending what is fresh, etc.). We could easily go an entire year without repeating a lunch or dinner as what I cook is extremely varied and creative. There are a few things we have regularly of course. Cooking is my passion; I cook what my husband and I love to eat. Our tastes are similar and we take great joy in eating a huge spectrum of things. It is such fun to try new and different foods and techniques.