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Sep 23, 2012 04:19 PM

kosher pickled watermelon rind and ginger brands...KOSHER FOODIE WANTS TO KNOW

I love Japanese sushi. I just checked out a book Japanese Dishes for Wine Lovers and it has some awesome salmon recipes.

however some require pickled watermelon rind and ginger. Anyone know any brands that are kosher and where to buy them... I can call to NYC to get them if I have to, I would prefer not to though.


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  1. You will prob be better off posting on the Kosher board.

    Most sushi restaurants, at least in NYC, will sell you a container of pickled ginger. Is there a kosher sushi place near you?
    I've definitely seen kosher jars of pickled ginger in supermarkets...

    1. pickled watermelon rind--I have never seen this used in TRADITIONAL Japanese food (I have lived in Japan for 2 years and other family members have lived there plus the family has had ties with Japan for over 115 years). Of course like everywhere things get added. There are mainstream brands that have kosher certification (I make my own, cheaper and way better tasting), I don't remember the brand but it was a Southern brand and I can find it in the mid-Atlantic. This is a very sweet type of pickle.

      Sushi pickled ginger--no mainstream brands are kosher certified. Best bet is to check the various online kosher stores or have someone ship it to you (I suspect that any place with a moderately large Jewish population will carry this such as Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, etc). Sushi is VERY popular.

      1. Can't help with a brand, but if you have decent knife skills or especially if youhave a mandoline or V-slicer, sushi ginger is very simple to make. Slice peeled ginger root at an angle against the grain (like London broil or brisket) as thin as possible, like the commercial stuff, then soak the slices in sweetened rice vinegar overnight and then indefinitely in the fridge.

        The ginger will turn pink from the acid in the vinegar, though not as neon pink as the commercial stuff which usually uses food coloring. It's best to use medium-size tender ginger, or young ginger if you can find it, and it needless to say it should be firm, not shrivelled, don't use the toughest parts of the root, etc.

        1. Here you go!

          For some ungodly reason, my mom used to include pickled watermelon rind in my lunch box back in the 60s. I think she bought the Crosse & Blackwell brand. She kept a kosher house so I'm sure theirs was kosher, but it doesn't look like they sell it in the US any more.

          1. why not try to make it yourself?
            was it sweet and sour orsour

            when i grew up in the Bronx you could get pickled watermelon.