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Sep 23, 2012 03:43 PM

Where to dine in Nashville near Vanderbilt U on a Friday night?

We're in town for a wedding in a couple weeks. We need a tasty dinner option near Vanderbilt on Friday night, and a good lunch spot (wherever) on Saturday. We want something non-touristy and distinctly Nashville. Tried for seats at Catbird but of course couldn't get in. Any ideas? We like all sorts of food -- cheap is a plus :)

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  1. For lunch I would Hattie Bi's for Nashville hot chicken in midtown, 19th & Broadway, very close to Vandy.

    Not necessarily close to Vandy, but regarded as probably one the best restaurants in Nashville, City House in the Germantown neighborhood. You'll have a much easier time getting a seat there...and they also have a first come first serve chef's bar.

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      Hattie B's would be fun, just be aware it's HOT chicken (a Nashville specialty) and as such there can be a wait for your meal ... it's cheap & casual but not fast food. Since you are not restricted to Vandy area for lunch ... Edley's or Burger Up on 12South. Fido in Hillsboro Village. The Farmer's Market ... B&C or AM @ FM or Bella Nashville. Porta Via on White Bridge Road. I would say Arnold's but they aren't open on Saturday, so ... Monell's. Capitol Grill.

      For dinner, I echo City House a million times. Please make a reservation, though, if there are more than two of you. (If there are two, the chef's bar or even the tiny drinks bar is an option), esp if you go earlyish. If for some wild reason that's not an option ... ChaChah (esp for happy hour wine & tapas, talk about cheap), Park Cafe, Cabana, Bound'ry. etch. Silo. Capitol Grille.

      Since you couldn't get in to Catbird, go to Patterson House downstairs for drinks before or after.

    2. I don't know if I would call it dining, but my families' favorite place to eat around the Vandy campus was San Antonio Taco Company. Fun, filling and cheap!

      1. Silly Goose or Flyte for dinner. (Kayne Prime if you want to do steak)

        For breakfast, I would go to Pancake Pantry or Marche.