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Sep 23, 2012 03:36 PM

Help me choose in Barcelona

Will be there in Oct with another couple. Want great food and a lively food experience. I am thinking about:

Tickets ( my 1st choice but cant get a reservation yet)
Quimet Quimet
Cinc Sentits

we only have one night and I want food and ambience unique to Barcelona.

Can you help me pick? Other ideas?

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  1. For the "unique ambiance" of Barcelona, it would be my view you'd be visiting one of the casual seafod restaurants in Barceloneta and not one of the high end places, so often mentioned on this board by north American tourists. Much more fun.

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      I think that Harters has the right idea. I can't speak for all of these, but while I had great meals at Cinc Sentits and Alkimia (loved Alkimia), there's nothing about them that screamed Barcelona to me. With the exception of some of the ingredients, they could have been in any large city in the world. If I only had one night and I wanted to get a feel for Barcelona, I would choose something with more of a local feel and a bit more humble (there's a number of other threads with good recs) and then spend the balance of my time bar and tapas hopping in the old part of the city rather than sitting for three hours in a modern temple to Michelin starred cuisine. Quimet & Quimet is a really cool place, but when I was there, I was one tourist too many crammed into the little space. It's great but it's also kind of a hike from there to some of the more lively neighborhoods (for a tourist anyway).