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where to buy HALLOWEEN Peeps (made in USA seasonal marshmallow candy)?

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has anyone seem them in BC, Canada yet?

and i'll certainly be looking for the snowmen peeps too as the xmas season draws closer.

ps - i think that not all seasons of Peeps end up here in Western Canada (to my knowledge) --- the ones i've seen in past have been mainly the Easter ones (yellow chicks (hence "peeps" ... and pink rabbits) - I think i saw them at London Drugs

so if you're allowed near the candy aisle and you happen to see them --- can you please post here and let me know where?

ALSO - for any cross-border shoppers - i usually find them at Target - but i haven't checked down in BLI yet.

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  1. They're usually sold at Safeway. I see them every year in October.

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      I saw them in WalMart last year - every colour (or should I say color) and other shapes beyond the chick too.