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Sep 23, 2012 02:54 PM

where to buy HALLOWEEN Peeps (made in USA seasonal marshmallow candy)?

has anyone seem them in BC, Canada yet?

and i'll certainly be looking for the snowmen peeps too as the xmas season draws closer.

ps - i think that not all seasons of Peeps end up here in Western Canada (to my knowledge) --- the ones i've seen in past have been mainly the Easter ones (yellow chicks (hence "peeps" ... and pink rabbits) - I think i saw them at London Drugs

so if you're allowed near the candy aisle and you happen to see them --- can you please post here and let me know where?

ALSO - for any cross-border shoppers - i usually find them at Target - but i haven't checked down in BLI yet.

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  1. They're usually sold at Safeway. I see them every year in October.

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      I saw them in WalMart last year - every colour (or should I say color) and other shapes beyond the chick too.