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Sep 23, 2012 02:06 PM

Monroe Twp Area - new choices or suggestions for 2012/2013?

Grandma has just moved into one of the senior living communities, and we are struggling to find anyplace for her to eat. I was hoping someone could recommend a few places current for this year as the only things I have found seem to be 2011 or older.

Grandma wants the equivalent of a Charlie Browns type place, or a good diner. She does not want ANYTHING fancy since she only eats things like roast chicken, steak, or your basic old-people foods. Nothing ethnic either.

We personally like Americana Diner, but she was not at all thrilled with thier dinner menu (since they don't have the standard diner menu anymore). Yesterday we went for lunch to the Monroe Family place (not sure of the exact name) on Perrineville Road in the little shopping center. Tonight we are going to try the Prestige Diner so we will see how that goes.

So other than Americana, Monroe Family, or Prestige - what other basic places can anyone recommend?

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  1. Try Teddy's restaurant on Main street Cranbury .

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          M,T,W open till 7 , Th , F till 8 .

      1. Gus's Diner might be a good choice, I've had a few simple decent meals here over the last couple years while passing through the area. It is located on Rt. 33 in Manalapan at the corner of Millhurst Road, it should only be about 10-15 minutes from the senior communities in Monroe. I remember the menu having typical diner fare at reasonable prices with senior specials.

        1. American Grille on Rt. 33 and Periineville Road-Monroe
          Romeo's on Buckelew Rd Jamesburg- Italian but not fancy at all
          Pierre's-South Brunswick
          Ciro's on Buckelew Rd-Monroe- good italian but may be too fancy for Grandma
          Charlie Browns reopened in East Windsor.
          There aren't too many "diner type' places right in Monroe.
          Can't believe she didn't like AMericana-our favorite diner!!!!
          Good Luck

            1. Seniors seem to flock to this place: on Applegarth Road in the WaWa shopping plaza. They have early bird specials:


              I have been there and for the area, I think it is better than going to a diner.

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                Thanks everyone for ideas. Angelina we wound up at Antonio's last night for dinner (chosen instead of the Prestige diner which we will try at some point).

                Wow it was packed on a Sunday night!! The portions are HUGE and the food was good but a bit bland. I would give it a solid "satisfactory" or "good" but nothing outstanding, however it's close to her which is also important, although she will mostly go out with friends for dinners and we will visit randomly.

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                  I know what you mean Chef Seth, loaded...mostly with seniors in the area. Did you notice how they try to run in the front door before the early bird specials are over? :) Last time we were there, a woman with her walker literally was in a race to the front door to beat my 2 year old to the front of the line!! It was hysterical!!

                  I stick with basic chicken parm when I am there, which is not too often. I know what you mean about the blandness. I once ordered a chicken special and it had really no taste or flavor and needed help from my s&p shaker!!

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                    We actually went at 7pm - Grandma is not always concerned about early-bird.... yet.

                    Totally totally off topic but perhaps I can just sneak this in: we're now dealing with what we think is senile dementia in Grandma - can anyone recommend resources for us to get information on how to deal with her and her issues? Please don't reply here as it is off-topic, but you can send replies or advice to my email

                    Sorry for sticking that question on this thread but we're clueless right now.

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                      I love Antonios when I have to fillup my kids without spending a ton of cash. They do have exceptional chicken wings. Dry vs. saucy. 20 for $10.