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Sep 23, 2012 01:28 PM

Need feedback on Blue Star wall ovens. Any problems out there?

My apologies for asking for help in my first. I do realize what poor form it is, but I really am in need of your input folks.

We just had several Blue Star units installed a few days ago, and while we're enjoying the cook-top, the problems that we already have with the 2 30" wall ovens are really scaring me. What I need your feedback to determine is how much of what I'm seeing is manufacturing error and how much is related to installation. And beyond that I'm hoping that someone might be able to offer some guidance on what kind of reaction I should expect when approaching the company about solving the problem.

The ovens were installed on Thursday but we had to wait until this weekend for the electricity to be connected to actually use 'em. While doing the initial cleaning and 'curing' process that the manufacturer recommends prior to use we found a laundry list of things wrong. Some of them are minor - the white insulation from inside the doors is visible along the edges of the widows and some handwritten notes (the color that we had the doors painted) are also visible when looking through the widows from a steep angle. There are is also a second pair of support studs ion the side walls of the ovens that appears to have been sawn off close to the wall and just left. More seriously, there are numerous chips and voids in the enamel on the inside of the ovens. Mostly on corners and edges, or along joints in the sheet metal. After the heating and cooling of the curing process more enamel flaked off and fell to the floor of the oven. Some of the screws holding the convection blowers to the rear wall of the units weren't in straight, and weren't tightened snug to the wall so when the blowers run they make a loud buzzing noise. Part of the door gasket on one of the ovens came unsecured almost immediately, and after another heating today the paint on the doors melted enough that it was able to adhere to the gasket of the door that mates to it well enough that when the oven was opened the gasket pulled away from the door that it was mounted on.

On one of the ovens the doors that are supposed to open and close with only the left hand require both to close, otherwise they jam partially open, and the spring loaded roller on that door also appears to have been crushed into the door somehow and isn't level w/ the rest of the door. (I may have to post pictures of this stuff somewhere as it's hard to describe some of this clearly.)

So, is Blue Star having manufacturing problems? Did I get re-boxed mishandled returns. Or did the installer screw some stuff up? (He didn't put on the melting paint, but he could have caused the voids in the enamel by dropping the units.)

Anybody experience anything similar w/ BS? How did it get resolved? I'll be calling BS customer support, and if it comes to it, I only live about an hour from them, but I'm hoping that I won't need to do anything unusual and that they'll be there to stand behind the warranty and fix this disaster.

Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me.

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  1. Sorry to read of your issues with the wall ovens. I would start with a phone call and written letter copying your appliance dealer / installer as well as the mother ship and simply demanding replacement units for the multiple defects which are unacceptable and post installation uncurable. I would also make the point that the showroom samples you observed had none of those same defects and imply that the retailer has sold you devices which do not match what they effect try to leverage both entities to right this situation. If you were able to place the purchase on a charge card like amex I would write them immediately, copying the retailer and the mother ship to dispute the charge as unacceptable merchandise.....and depending on the sort of response you get, I would not hesitate to post your experiences with all necessary specifics here and on the garden web site and let them know you are reporting that info to the public at large. Of course you have to be completely factual and accurate as you go down that path but somewhere in the initial steps hopefully you will be able to settle or resolve the matter. It is unfortunate that it takes some squeaking to become noticed but don't hesitate to stand up for your rights as a consumer demanding perfection and performance.

    On the positive side, as a 36" BlueStar range owner, stainless front, 6 burner top, we've had nothing but perfection from the burners as well as that massive oven. We purchased the unit when they offered a 'white glove' delivery and installation process that not only checked the entire assembly but also checked the calibration of the oven thermostat control. Why that service was discontinued is a mystery because it really took the anxiety away over the installation with a quality control checklist process that you filled out alongside of the installing you a chance to report any defects and have them confirmed on the spot.

    Good luck with your efforts and keep posting updates

    1. call BlueStar talk to them about all of your issues and questions
      Your presentation here calm and reasonable is something they are noted for listening to.

      1. Sorry that you have had to go through similar problems to mine. I have a freestanding blue star gas range, which was delivered to me factory dropped. The box stood in my garage until we were ready to install it. We were shocked when after opening a non-damaged box to find a dented stove inside. Blue star replaced the dented side, but we had to pay for the service man. Then we had problems with the starters on the stove. They would just start sparking for no reason. When I called blue star they tried to act as if this was all normal and that it was just electrical charges in the atmosphere. Once again they finally sent me new starters but I had to pay for the service repair.
        Then the oven started arcing sending large sparks onto the floor of my kitchen. The most infuriating part was when the representative a man named Pete Bloodgood, asked me why I thought that this was dangerous. By this time I was absolutely livid. The appliance store was no help and I actually sent blue star a letter outlining all of my complaints and received no reply. Although the range cooks well, I would not recommend this brand to anyone. I would also recommend buying from an appliance store that services the items that they sell.