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Sep 23, 2012 01:09 PM

Soup in the Vitamix 750 - preset not shutting off?

It did well making a smoothie with the preset but today was my first try at making soup. I used the soup preset and although steam was coming out the top it kept going. I let it go another minute till a really large amount of steam was coming out the top and the soup was boiling in the container and it still didn't turn off. I started with very hot liquid.

There are some people with the 750 here. Did your soup preset turn itself off when you had steam? I had thought this machine had sensors.

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  1. Well, since no one answered my question I will answer it myself. I called Vitamix this morning and it seems the preset for the soup is for a set time. Whether you start with hot liquid or cold it still runs for 7 minutes. Since I'm concerned about the noise I don't want to start with cold liquid as they suggested. Starting with hot liquid then I needed less than 1/2 the 7 minute time to process and the 7 minute preset is useless to me and will cause the soup to boil for 3+ minutes. It has no temperature sensors.

    I'm also not impressed with the self clean preset as it takes to long, and the smoothie function isn't that useful as it's so fast to make. Why would you need a preset for puree as you want want different textures according to the use? The only thing the preset measures is load. The frozen dessert preset still needs you to stand there with a tamper. Aside from it's good looks I'm not impressed with the presets, and I'm returning it and keeping the Pro 300 instead.

    BTW: Vitamix just released a version of the Pro 300 called the 7500 that comes in red, black and white. The black's faceplate it charcoal rather than the gray and I like it's looks better but the motor for some reason is only 2 HP instead of the 2.25 HP in the 300. They said it uses the new motor. All other features are the same. It doesn't have that great Sur La Table warranty behind it though I got on the Pro 300. Just the 7 years!

    1. I realize this is an old post, but did you end up keeping the 750? I have the pro 300 but i am considering upgrading to the 750. Any advice? Thanks for any help.