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Sep 23, 2012 12:51 PM

Do any restaurants in Chinatown sell their dumplings (frozen)?

Setting aside the dumplings sold in Chinatown markets (e.g. C Mart), do any of the restaurants or dumpling shops sell house-made dumplings in bulk -- of any kind, whether pork-chive or soup-dumplings? And if so, is any particular restaurant recommended?

A lot of the NYC Chinatown dumpling places sell their dumplings -- one can get a bag of 50 pork-chive dumplings from Tasty Dumpling, for example, for about $10-12, if I recall correctly.

I asked at Dumpling Cafe, but they said they said they would sell me their frozen dumpling at their menu prices -- which I declined.

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  1. there are lots of places that sell dumplings;

    Wang's in Somerville, Mulan in Cambridge, and Golden Garden in Belmont. I also tried Gourmet Dumpling House which was a little more expensive but also quite good.

    check the old posts; this is a well trodden subject.

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    1. Asian Gourmet, at the Concord rotary, who boasts the oldl chef from Jo Jo Taiopei, sell their dumplings frozen. They used to do bags of 50, then just did individual orders, as they got busy. l don't know what they do now. BTW, they also make an excellent XLB. Doubt they sell that frozen, though.

      1. The Dumpling King sells them frozen. They are really good and they have about 5 varieties to pick from. They are located 40-44 Harrison Ave (The new Lofts Codo Building on the corner of Harrison and Beach).

        1. The OP was asking about fronzen dumplings in CHINATOWN. Other than C-Mart, I haven't found any, so would be interested if anyone has relevant answers. MeffaBabe, please tell more about Dumpling King, never seen it.

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            Not a restaurant but Ho Toy Noodle Co on Essex sells frozen dumplings that they make there. They are a few doors from Chau Chau City. Not a warm cuddly retail store; more an industrial space.. but a good variety of dumplings..mostly supply restaurants.

            They are good and I usually have some in the freezer. They are not as good as Mulan or Wang's but they're far more convenient for me.

            Will have to check out Dumpling King.

            1. re: 9lives

              Dumpling King uses (or at least when they opened up) Ho Toy Noodle Co Dumplings, so it'd probably be cheaper to buy straight from the source.

              1. re: tysonmcneely

                Are you sure it was Ho Toy Noodle? According to this website, Dumpling King was developed as a restaurant outlet for Chinese Spaghetti Factory dumplings.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  Thanks to all for the several tips. I'll check out Ho Toy Noodle on Essex next time I'm in Chinatown, as well as the places outside Chinatown that seem to be consistently recommended (Wang's, Mulan) next time I'm in those neighborhoods.

                  As a follow-up: I ended up going to Chinatown last night after my original post, and asked around at a few places, but no dice:

                  - Checked at Gourmet Dumpling House, but they said (like Dumpling Cafe) that they would only sell their dumplings at their menu prices.

                  - Checked Dumpling King. They were closed, but I looked in their fridge on the right side of their storefront. I'm pretty sure Allstonian is correct that they carry Chinese Spaghetti Factory dumplings. I only saw what I think are CSF varieties with different colored lettering for different flavors. (Here's an image I found online). But I'm pretty sure both C-Marts carry this brand anyway.

                  The search (at least in Chinatown) continues...

                  1. re: Allstonian

                    Allstonian, you are correct. I got them confused.

                    1. re: Allstonian

                      We stopped by DK a few weeks ago and they had a freezer full of CSF dumplings.

                      I like CSF dumplings when they're fried, but others disagree.

                2. re: ScotchandSirloin

                  On the corner of Harrison and Beach St there are the new condominiums. The entrance is on Beach St across from the bakery on the corner. The first floor has a food mart and the Dumpling King is I think the 2nd booth on the right. They are very good dumplings and you can buy them frozen in the bags or they will cook them for you- 10 for $4.95. I like the dipping sauce from the 163 much better than the Dumpling Kings sauce but you can make your own dipping sauce if your getting them frozen. Many varieties.

                  There is also a Sushi place in the food mart, a Vietnamese hot Dog place and down stairs is LuLu's restaurant that does decent chinese food.

                  I also have bought frozen Dumplings (I think the package called them pot stickers) in the frozen food section at BJ's and believe it or not they were pretty good. It was a big box with maybe 36 dumplings or something for short money. It was a while ago but I made them for a big party I was having as appetizers. The crowd loved them and it even came with a package of sauce (that I tweeked a bit with a little vinegar, chili flakes and scallions).

                  1. re: ScotchandSirloin

                    also a dumpling-wrapper factory in the leather district on lincoln, Sun Hing. more gelatinous, perfect for XLB/soup-dumpling style - avail in smaller quantities at whatever the super88 on beach became, and cmart under the giant theatre dimsum place. a fan of twin-marquis wrappers from brooklyn - better suited for other styles than steaming, like potsticker or fried or even miniature jamaican patties, empanadas, pastellitos

                  2. I know your question was about Chinatown, but for any Cantabrigian/Somervillean/Arlingtonian CHers, Qingdao Garden on Mass Ave in Cambridge also sells several varieties of housemade dumplings, frozen.