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Sep 23, 2012 11:42 AM

TENOCH Mexican in Medford Sq.

Spurred on by ferrari and doc, we did Tenoch take -out last night. I checked the FB specials-of-the-wk. , and was thrilled to see Rajas (rags) with roasted fresh poblano peppers, mixed w/ corn, cheese and crema.(No canned poblanos here; these are wonderful fresh dark green strips.) They added some chicken ,for an extra charge, so I could help fool my conscience w/ SOME protein. (oh yeah, i forgot the protein in the cheese....and all the protein in the crema.....)

This is a luscious and very rich Rajas. The chicken helped a little to lessen the richness, and though i'm not a fan of their or most other mexican rice that i've had (give me basmati or brown short grain any day), their rice , and chips, would also help diffuse the richness. And lime juice is also great for adding some punch. Many of us know that Poblanos are very unpredictable as to their heat level ; well, this batch is SPIcy! So if you like kick in your rajas, these are for you. The portion is huge, about 3 cups. I don't know if Tenoch sometimes extends their wkly specials into a second wk, but you could check. One thing I know- next time they feature them, I'm buying a bunch because they freeze really well, and they make for a killer breakfast, next to scrambled or in an omelet. (Yep, there's that protein.) YummOla.

Here's their web pg which has a link to their facebk specials:

** Closed on Sundays.**

We also got their menu staples- Guac and chips,both very good (and pse tell me when you've had GOOD guac for $2- and a 5ou. portion at that!) and a Torta w/ oven baked breaded chicken cutlet, refritos,avocado, lettuce, tomato,chipotle mayo, melted cheese. All the many torta components were excellent except for the chicken, which seemed a little odd- extremely thin, with soft breading that was not crunchy.(From the look of it, I'm suspecting a bought-in product here.
)Other board specials were some different meat fillings for tacos, and a tilapia w/ guacamole. I look forward to their getting in some flavorful fish some day.

We were considering an order of tacos, so I had a tiny taste of the beef and the pork adobo fillings, but the pork was dry (though well flavored) and the beef was still pretty bad (flavor wise) like when i had tasted it months ago. They were sold out of flan. Juan, the counter man, was very friendly and helpful. And I'm happy to say it was hoppin' in there.


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  1. I called today and asked Juan about when they might have those rajas again. He said they ran them all last wk for Mex Indep Day but they were so popular that he is going to talk w/ Alvaro about doing them again. I urged him to add them to their regular menu and he agreed and said he'd talk to Alvaro about that. Fingers crossed!

    (I had them last night. mixed w/ the rice and on top of (soaked into)the chips and with some yoghurt and scrambled eggs on the side, and that really helped the heat. whoooweee!)

    their specials all this wl include a steak w/ mole sauce (given their beef taco filling, i'd not order this, but maybe i'm wrong) and tacos w/ cochinita pibil, a real Yucatecan specialty (where these guys are from)
    that iirc involves sour orange and achiote in the pork marinade.....