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Sep 23, 2012 11:12 AM

Bosch Compact Mixers? Breville?

Any experience with these machines?

Frustrated and fed up with Kitchen Aid and looking for a new mixer. I mostly do small batches these days and do less heavy dough than I used to but still want the ability to make whole grain bread when I want to - one loaf at a time.

Right now considering the Bosch compact and the Breville. Don't know anyone personally that has either though. Do have a friend with the bigger Bosch that loves ehre and have had good experience personally with other Breville items.

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  1. I haven't tried either, but have you considered the Verona assistent/Electrolux assistent/magic mill?

    I love mine!

    The breville has the overhead motor which I hated in my KA and Cuisinart stand mixers. Having an open bowl with full access is so much nicer and less messy.

    1. I LOVE my Compact. It can hold up to 8 cups of flour for bread which is more or less a kilo; it does a great job kneading and handles less demanding jobs like batter, cookies, and whipping cream and meringue with ease. The model I have has been discontinued but I think they're all pretty similar. There are several really nice demo videos on YouTube that are worth your while if you haven't already seen them. And Rasputina's recommendation for the DLX is a good one albeit very expensive: . Stick with a Bosch or DLX if you're planning to do bread--anything else is likely to crap out on you pretty quickly.
      There's a nice Yahoo group for mixer owners: ; I recommend joining and picking everyone's brains. There's a lot of collective knowledge there and the members are very helpful and friendly.

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      1. re: MacGuffin

        Hello Mac, I read it online somewhere that the dough hook scratches the plastic bowl. Do you have any problem like that? Pleasant Hill have the SS bowl but it costs a fortune.

        1. re: smfan

          There's some very minor scuffing on the bottom of my bowl but it might have been there before. You see, I lucked out because my discontinued model (MUM 4750 UC if you want to do a search), which was kind of upscale, came with the stainless steel bowl. I picked it up barely used on eBay and I managed to pick up a plastic bowl and splash ring (which I never use), plus an extra accessories caddy and set of paddles, also on eBay, for very little and the bowl might have been used or washed or some such. I use the plastic bowl most of the time and just checked: I don't think any of the paddles actually make contact with the bowl and I certainly haven't found evidence of shavings in anything I've prepared (besides, the bottom of the hook is pretty well upholstered with dough). I was able to run a sheet of paper under them with no resistance whatsoever.
          You needn't have any fears regarding the plastic bowl. I'm pretty sure it's BPA-free and it can handle hot things, like sugar syrup, with no problem whatsoever. If you have any concerns, you could call L'Equip toll-free and/or join the group I mentioned previously. I don't think you'd be unhappy with a Compact unless your needs exceed its capacity. It's an amazing little jewel...which doesn't keep me from envying Rasputina her DLX because I want one of them as well. :))

      2. THanks for the feedback. I've considered the magic mill but am not sure I want to spend that much(though I commented to my husband for how much I've spent on KA in the past ten years I should have just coughed up the money for a Hobart to start with).

        I have yet to see the Bosch in person but am heavily considering it.

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        1. re: ziggylu

          Check out those videos, including those on YouTube. I'd have bought a DLX if I'd been able to afford it but really, the Compact is great and when the day comes that I can afford the DLX, I can have the best of both worlds because I won't be giving up my Compact. And for a small family and up to a few loaves of bread at a time, including whole grain, you won't cheat yourself by getting a Compact. I think there may even be some vendors online that still have stock of my discontinued model (it'll be more money than the current Compact, though). I read several reviews of the Breville on Amazon and it might be the case that it doesn't hold up to kneading. Stick with a known quantity and go Bosch or DLX--there's a reason why serious home bakers (and I mean SERIOUS, not rookies like me) rave about them.

          1. re: MacGuffin

            Yeah, I"ve burnt out three KAs in ten years which is one of the reason's I'm hesistant to try the Breville. I don't do nearly as much heavy duty stuff as I used to but want to have the ability when so moved. With only a two person household the Compact looks like good option.

            Thanks for the input.

            1. re: ziggylu

              My pleasure. I think you'd be really happy with it and if you ever do decide to upgrade to a DLX it'll be because you want to, not because you have to. And in my limited experience, it develops gluten beautifully--I've made water challah in it and everyone loves it. I use ⅔ bread flour and ⅓ white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose and it turns out great.