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Sep 23, 2012 08:15 AM

Weekend in New York in 2 weeks - where to eat for about 100$-150$/person?


My boyfriend and I are visiting New York in two weeks. We are from Montreal, 27 years-old and LOVE food. We were thinking of going to Per se, but for 400$/person, we realised we would probably prefer to divide that amount between three good restaurants instead. We generally order one appetizer, one entree and one dessert each, and split a bottle of wine.

Where would you recommend we eat (Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights) for 100-150$ each per night?

We love great fresh food, a menu that changes according to the seasons and market offerings, and something creative (we've had tartare and duck confit so many times, we're a little tired of the ''classics'').

No food allergies, no food off limits.

We would like to try a tasting menu with wine pairing on one of the evenings. Would you recommend WD-50? It looked reasonably priced.

We like casual settings, great ambiance and good food. There are so many great restaurants in New York, we just don't know what to choose! Please help us!

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  1. Does that $200-300 for two INCLUDE tax (almost 9%), tip (20%), and one bottle of wine? Tax and tip can make up a not insignificant part of your budget...

    Also the really popular restaurants book 3-4 weeks in advance. You might end up eating very early or very late at one of your choices. Or end up on a waiting list. Do you already have a WD-50 reservation?

    1. wd-50 is a good deal for the money, but after tax/tip/etc. like Kathryn said, it would stretch your budget.

      You could have a really grand experience at somewhere like Momofuku Ssäm and stay well within your budget.

      1. Leaving only 2 weeks to book a table on SATURDAY is cutting it very, very close!! Better to call the restaurant direct than using Opentable?!
        For my upcomIng trip to NYC, I tried booking into Per Se, Le Bernadin, EMP, Brooklyn Fare, Marea, Corton, Atera and even the 1* Japanese yakitori Tori Shin, more than 3 weeks ahead. I gave them 'no limitation', willing to settle for an extra early or extra late time slot. However, outcome is the same! Was informed no opening for period ranging from 4 to 8 weeks!!!
        Finally, settled for Jean George and Casa Mono for lunch and dinner at The Modern.
        You may have better result with non-star or one star restaurants like Lincoln, Cafe Boulud or WD-50
        Good Luck!!

        1. Ai Fiori to my knowledge still has a $90 prix fixe, so you might be able to manage it in your budget, it's a great restaurant, and it's large and probably will have room for you. Consider getting a cocktail there as well as wine, though.