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Sep 23, 2012 07:11 AM

Geneseo area

I will be staying in the Geneseo area for a couple of nights. I would appreciate restaurant recommendations based solely on the quality of the food (ambience unimportant) . I like places focused on good ingredients and good prep (any cuisine) and friendly (not necessarily formal) service. I would be willing to travel 45 min for a good food find. Thanks for your input

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  1. Hi - as an alumna, I can tell you, there is really only one good place for lunch called Aunt Cookie's on Main Street where you'll eat the best sub ever. (Get the turkey with the works!) Other than that, there isn't anything in Geneseo that will knock your socks off, but a few good places nearby. A local favorite in Avon (about a 10 min drive from Geneseo) is Fratelli's -

    Also, you definitely have to stop by Tom Wahl's - also in Avon - fun 50s style atmosphere and great burgers and homemade root beer (get it in a frosted mug & add ice cream for a great float!). It's a must-try (a good idea for lunch). The website has a coupon for a free cheeseburger too!

    Since you'll have a few nights in Geneseo, here's a recent thread on good eats in Rochester - once you go up North on 390, you'll have much more yummy options: