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Sep 23, 2012 03:12 AM

What do you think?

First of all, thanks for your feedback concerning
my upcoming "Solo" visit to Chicago. Turns
out that I will join friends two of the four nights
there. Here's the lineup:

Thurs night... Hugo Frog Bar/Solo (crab cakes or
a Gibsons Steak)
Wanted Joe's Stone avail reservations

Fri night...Bavettes/friends

Sat night...Maude's Liquor Bar/ friends

Sunday night...10pm!! Solo dinner at Girl and the
Goat. (wow that's a hard to get reservation!!)

I know that Bavettes and Maude's are from the
same owner but thought it would be okay
as menus and venues look quite different yet
good. Also friends each night are not the same.

Lastly, is GATG worth going to that late and by
myself considering that I won't be able to
order a lot of dishes to share?

Feedback, especially on Bavettes and whether
GATG would be worth it, and if not, where
should I have Sunday dinner my last night
in Chicago?


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  1. I have no experience with Bavettes. But you're already going to Maude's and Hugo's and if you have a steak there,well, a steak is a steak. And while i do love the Girl and the Goat and it is a really tough rez to get get, it's not as much fun if you can't taste as much. Here's what I would change.

    Instead of Hugos (which seems to be a substitute for Joe's anyway), I'd suggest GT Oyster Bar for your seafood fix. Then I'd consider swapping in The Publican either for Friday or Monday. /the other place I might put in the mix - either by yourself or with friends would be Sprout, Top Chef finalist Dale Levitski's place.

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    1. re: chicgail

      I think GT Fish & Oyster Bar is a great suggestion, especially for a solo meal. Many of their dishes are of the "small plates" variety, so you can try several things without stuffing yourself. I've been there several times and always enjoyed it. Oh, and they also have great cocktails.

      Places I would swap in are one of the two Piccolo Sognos for Italian (the original at Milwaukee/Halsted/Grand or Piccolo Sogno Due on the Mag Mile) or Sable (contemporary American small plates, craft cocktails).

      1. re: nsxtasy

        Sable is not a bad option for a solo because it is largely a very comfortable, contemporary bar (the drink menu has chapters!) and it has pretty good bar food (e.g. sliders, fried calamari, truffled deviled eggs). It's not my favorite food in town, but it's not bad and it is friendly to someone on their own.

    2. You'll need to stake out a spot, but you can get Joe's full menu in its rather large bar. Make friends with one of the servers and you'll likely even get help sliding into a stool or a high-top.

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      1. re: jbontario

        Hmmm. Can do. Thanks for the tip!