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Sep 23, 2012 01:25 AM

Jersey milk in Phoenix?

That is, milk from the Jersey breed of cow? I visited a friend in the Pacific NW the other day and had the most fabulous milk (in lovely glass bottles). Tremendously rich and satisfying, especially the chocolate milk. That was manna from heaven. Tried AJ's Fine Foods but no luck, apparently they've stopped carrying milk in glass bottles (which may not have been Jersey milk in any case), at least at the Chandler (on Ray) location.

While I'm on the subject of milk, is there any place selling Darigold in gallons? Walmart has their chocolate milk, which is very good but not in the class of the milk above, but only in single-serving sizes.

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  1. I know that some of the milk from Straus Family Creamery comes from Jerseys. I've never noticed any breed information on their packaging, so I can't tell you if segregate their milks by breed prior to processing and packaging. If there is any segregation based on breed or butterfat content, I would guess that the higher butterfat Jersey milk is shunted to butter production.

    That said, I've always found Straus milk (which can be bought in returnable glass bottles at Whole Foods Market) to be the richest, most flavorful mass-marketed milk available in Arizona and California. If I wasn't worried about being tempted to down two gallons a week, it would be my everyday milk.

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      I tried the Straus milk, it wasn't for me. Since most of the milkfat is locked up in that chunk of cream, the rest of the milk tastes like 1%, which I can't stand.

      1. re: aynrandgirl

        Yep. It's up to the consumer to homogenize the milk.