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Sep 23, 2012 01:12 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Fabulous Dutch Desserts from Huize van Wely

This 90-year-old Dutch fine patissierie came to KL by way of Jakarta (Indonesia's a former Dutch colony after all). It offered some of the best (and most expensive) chocolates, pastries and mignardises in town - all air-flown from Amsterdam, each of these little dainties cost RM14 (or around US$5, incl taxe/service charge) a pop. Were they worth it? Oh yeah!

What I tried:

- Roze Schuitje, boat-shaped frangipane topped with vanilla creme, glazed with pink-tinted chocolate

- Karamel Bakje, frangipane with a mocha chocolate glazed border of hazelnut creme, with lightly caramlised macadamias in the centre.

- Kasteeltje, Muscovite cake with raspberry creme, surrounded by a layer of rose-flavored marzipan, topped with a rosette of vanilla creme and a pink marzipan ball.

- Progres, Progres cake with mocha creme sprinkled with finely-chopped hazelnuts, glazed with mocha chocolate, mocha creme and a whole hazelnut.

Each mignardise was perfect, albeit slightly sweeter than I'd have preferred. But I liked the cakes here better than any of the local home-grown places (Ben's, Plan B, Acme, Alexis, Just Heavenly, etc.) with their localised form of Western-style baked goods which honestly aren't very good.

BTW, HvW also brewed one of the best cappuccino I'd tasted in KL.

Address details
Huize van Wely
Lot FK 2, 1st Flr, Bangsar Shopping Centre
285, Jalan Maarof
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-20110058

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  1. How often are these things flown in? What do they do with unsold ones after a certain period? [Freeze them and resell them later? ;-) ]

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      Not too sure about this - my guess is that they'd be kept frozen and a limited number is made available each day. The main merchandise items on sale in their KL store are the chocolates. They don't have the full range of cakes & pastries as seen here on their European web-site: