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Sep 23, 2012 12:15 AM

New Brunswick Dining Suggestions

Heading north for a trip through Fredricton into central NB and looking for any suggestions on dining destinations.

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  1. There isn't much. The Blue Door in Fredericton is good.

    If you're coming into central NB (where I'm from) there are a few places I would recommend.. All are "Diner" type spots with cheap food, but that's the kind of stuff you get here. There is Burke's Diner in the Blackville area, KC & Sons fish and chips which has two locations, one in Upper Derby on the way to Miramichi and one in Newcastle in Miramichi. Then there's Kingsway which is right off the king george highway in Miramichi.

    There is the bistro 140 (food is good, but don't go there if you're starving or it will cost you) in Miramichi as well as a new place that opened up downtown. Not sure of the name but Miramichi only has a small square of downtown so it's not hard to find.

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      Carrie thanks for your help. Once we settle into our camp, getting into Doaktown for an occasional lunch is easy with at least one or two reasonable destinations....but getting through Fredericton and finding places worth our limited time and dollars there is a more difficult ordeal.

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        You have to try Burke's. It's just past blackville - but they serve a massive breakfast. I hope I just don't like it because I grew up with it. Their fish and chips are good also...

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          OH! I almost forgot... Nine Pine restaurant should be checked out too. Again.. I hope I'm steering you in the right direction. I love all these places, but I grew up here - so I hope everyone enjoys them.

    2. I like Caribbean Flavas in Fredericton for supper, but it's quite expensive. The market in Fredericton on Saturday mornings is great. El Burrito Loco has decent mexican. Snooty Fox has good pub food.

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        FYI- Caribean Flavas doesn't serve achohol- maybe it's just me, but I would like the option to have a glass of wine with my dinner.
        El Burrito Loco is closed. Mexicali Rosa's has opened in it's old space.

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          That's a shame about El Burrito Loco. Their Pico de Gallo was delicious. Mexicali Rosa's is terrible. Why did they close? I know I tended to avoid the place in spite of liking their food because the server who insisted on trying to dress our table up in mexican hats and take photos of us every time we went there drove me insane. I wonder if it hurt their business in general?

      2. there is a quite excellent Greek restaurant in Fredericton, not real fancy or expensive, but great food