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Sep 22, 2012 11:44 PM

Appleton Wisconsin Must Dining for Graduation Celebration

Will be there in June with family for a milestone celebration. What venue has the food, wines and ambience to make a memorable occasion?

Also what Milwaukee locations are worth a stop for lunch or dinner stops en route?

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  1. Heading to Lawrence by any chance?

    The Fox River Valley is not known for their fine cuisine to put it nicely. It may help if you could be a little more specific as to what you are looking for such as price, wine list, type of cuisine, level of formality, etc.

    It has been a while, but we really enjoyed our meal at Apollon.

    Quite good Mediterranean with a heavy emphasis on Greek cuisine.

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      Yes our daughter is scheduled to graduate in June from Lawrence and we're looking to set up a nice family reception event to help celebrate.

      After 4 years of tuition, price for the dinner,wines, etc is going to be so inexpensive by comparison that will not be the determining factor.

      Cuisine is less important than the effort for quality ingredients and the talent and palate of the chef......sorry to sound like a foodie but I would favor a brilliantly baked seasoned potatoe over mealy prepared duck or overlooked seafood, etc.

      I have been out to Appleton on a couple brief visits and never found the go to restaurant worth a return visit.....on the other hand was given a fun tour of some bars and coffee houses. So back in search of someplace with great atmosphere and that tries with their food.

      1. re: ThanksVille

        Apollon is good.

        Last weekend I ate at the place right next door, called L'Angelo, and I thought it was excellent. They serve steaks, which are brought up from some butcher shop in Chicago, but with a south american and spanish flair. I actually had the lambchps, which were well seasoned, perfectly medium rare, and soft as butter. They had an extensive wine list, with wines from California, France, New Zealnd, Chile, and Argentina. Our waiter waspretty knowedgeable and helped us navigate through the list. For an appetizer we shared a plate of manchego and goat cheeses with fresh figs, olives, tomatoes, and spanish ham. I could've made a meal from that alone! Needless to say, I was very surprised at the quality of food, as the previous poster is correct. You can eat a decent meal in this town, but it's hard to find a great one. (It was pricey by Fox Valley standards. We paid about $80 per head, including the wine.)

        I was also fairlu gob-smacked by a new Italin p,ace

    2. Wild Truffle, which is west of the Fox River Mall, is really great. Strongly recommended for a splurgey event.

      Fine dining may still be a tough row to hoe in Appleton, but mid-range dining is definitely improving. I grew up there, and visit family regularly.

      Apollon always has a warm spot in my heart, but it's been years since I was there last. Katsu-ya on College is a quality teppanyaki/hibachi joint; a friend who was born in Japan dines there often and gives it good marks, as do I (but I've never set food in Japan, so). I've heard good things about Il Angolo, too. And there's Fratello's down on the Oneida flats, which has a view you just cannot beat in the Fox Valley, and some pretty nice food and drink, too.