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Sep 22, 2012 11:26 PM

Goodge St/Warren St area suggestions for coffee, moderately priced eats & atmospheric pubs

Bringing husband to see London for his birthday, and we are staying in the above area. Any suggestions for:

1. good coffee? in the bay area, my husband consumes ritual or blue bottle daily, and will need his caffeine!
2. moderately priced good eats (<40 quid per person)? We are omnivores, will eat anything as long as it's tasty. I have perused the boards and copied down some suggestions, but it is all a bit overwhelming! I thought I would just focus on the area we're staying. I hate paying $$$ for mediocre food.
3. local atmospheric pubs? I saw some posts but none seem to be in our area. If there are none, then ok!

thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. 1. Coffee I'd recommend Tapped and Packed and Store Street Espresso
    2. There's plenty of places on Goodge Street and Charlotte Street with varying levels of quality and price. I'd say the best moderate places are Koba ) ( and Salt Yard ( although you might have to be slightly careful to get under 40 quid. I hear good things about bubbledogs (, I'm off there myself soon; it's Gourmet Hot Dogs and Grower Champagnes.
    3. Goodge Street has the better pubs. The best is the Draft House on the corner of Goodge and Charlotte Street. It's a bit small, but very lively and does great beer. Further south down Charlotte Street and around there's a clutch of pubs: The Fitzrovia and The Newman Arms probably being the best.

    With a little bit of travelling (by foot if you're confident, by tube if you're not) you can also get to some other great areas like Soho and Marylebone. But that would bring hundreds of recommendations for places to go :)

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      You just recommended my last evening out. Koba and Draft House. Depending on where the OP is from Koba might be just ok, but Draft House is as always excellent.

    2. Hi,

      1. Can't really help you on the coffee. Middling chains abound in London so there are plenty of those. There's loads of small cafes around the area I'm sure one of those will do good coffee others on the board will be able to guide you.

      2. On Warren St itself is Salt Yard which I love. I've never had a bad dish and have been several times. I've never squeaked by under £40 but then I'm greedy. The tapas is in the £6-9 range each and the pork belly with beans and rosemary is a must.

      3. I haven't been to that many pubs in the area as if I'm in town it's bar rather than pub
      . I do quite like the KIng and Queen though on Foley St which has a good range of ales.

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      1. re: Paprikaboy

        Agree with rec for Salt Yard, it's very good (but it's on Goodge St not Warren St!).

        I like the Carpenters Arms on Whitfield St - it's got a little beer garden on the roof but can sometimes be over run by media types. Across Tottenham Court Road the Fitzrovia Belle is also good. For more old school pub the Newman Arms is good, also does excellent pies.

        Lantana just off Goodge St does excellent coffee (Antipodean-style) and great breakfasts.

      2. Hi,

        Goodge Street / Warren Street , centered postcode beginning with W1T


        1. Mennula on Charlotte St. is a cozy, small Italian place with emphasis on Sicilian food. The prices aren't too bad, and although it wouldn't be my first choice for an Italian meal in London, it's near your hotel if the weather is bad and the menu seems appealing.

          1. Italia Uno's a pretty good Italian sandwich and coffee shop on Charlotte St. Excellent for a quick lunch (the bondola and Veneziano are particularly good sandwiches.)