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Sukkos Menu Ideas

What's on your menu for sukkos, appetizers, mains, sides, desserts? Especially interested in unique and exciting ideas, as well as foods that can be prepared in advance?

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    1. I make stuffed cabbage. You can make carrot tzimmes. Years ago I used to make apple strudel which can be made in advance.

      1. Pom chicken stuffed with rosemary, lemon and poms. Lamb tagine in bread bowls. Stuffed peppers in all colors.

        1. Sukkot divides Jewish cooks into those who have a sukkah right off the kitchen and the ability to use china and silverware.

          And those who be transporting the food over considerable distances and may need to think first about logistics like portability, serving temperature, and plastic cutlery.

          I never to ask a guest to cut meat - or anything else - with a plastic knife.

          Sukkot also divides families into those who will shiver through dinner in Montreal and those who will swelter in Miami. But many American cooks won't know until a couple of days before the chag whether the temperature at dinner time wlll be 90 and or 35 and with a cutting wind.

          I live in New York, and I hold certain menu decisions until I know more of less what the weather will be on Sukkot.

          Living elsewhere, I have twice woken up to significant snow in the Sukkah. And had to shovel and sweep it out before serving breakfast. And once davened where the rav explained that if hot soup formed a skim coat of ice before it could be eaten, the family should move in doors to eat dinner because of the danger of frostbite.

          Sukkot is a pretty good reason to live in the country that Sukkot was designed for.

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            Adina, I couldn't agree with you more.

            Right off our kitchen is a patio, accessed by sliding glass doors with a pergola in place to hold the schach. Perfect to construct our Sukkah. I roll away the gas grill that you can see in the picture, and we place an electric fireplace in that spot, should we need extra heat. Food comes right out from the kitchen piping hot and we use china, silver and crystal. We can seat 16 comfortably, whihc is more than ample (no grandkids yet).

            The other nice thing about having the yard and space, if that I can use the backyard pizza oven (if serving milchiges) or the grill for fleishiges. Some years, we freeze, some years, we haven't closed the pool yet and enjoy it. Any year, cocktails in the Hot Tub works..............

            As to menu, I try to make lighter fare than on Rosh HaShanah, so there may be shish kebabs off the grill served over assorted grains, Seasonal Fruit items such as stuffed btuternut squash baked in a honey drizzle, or baked apples for dessert. If it's cool, than a starter of soup served in individual pumpkins is a great way to start the meal.
            And Octoberfest style beers are great for these al fresco meals.

            I pulled a photo. don't mind the people or props, it was taken in 2009 when they filmed a movie at our home-a murder/drowning scene in our pool.

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              AdinaA, I never let the weather ruin my hopes for the weather. I hope for cold and the comfort of steaming hot soup (our Succah is off the kitchen). I cook as if it will be cold even if it isn't. We now use caterers' caraffes for our hot mulled cider and our soups.

            2. Menus? No idea yet, but I do know that it isn't Sukkot if we don't have "acorn squash with napalm sauce" at least once. It is halved acorn squashes, cleaned out, with either brown sugar or maple syrup and butter or marg. Inside, roasted. So.decadent and so good.

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                So decadent, so good and so easy.

              2. Just starting to figure out my menu now, but I always do at least one of the meals with all the seven fruits of Israel. Two of my favorites recipes are a date pecan tart from Bon Appetit and a cornish hen recipe with a honey and pomegranate sauce.

                1. For the first night we'll be about 10. Making a meat meal. So far, I figured out the sides, but not the mains. Baked brown rice with edamame, apple and celery salad, maple roasted butternut squash, green salad. Maple/mustard tempeh for the vegetarian, and fried chicken for the picky relative.

                  Need something easy for a main dish, chicken or turkey. Any ideas?

                  For dessert, a sugar cookie dough crusted apple tart. Was posted Ina other thread.

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                    With type of 'heavy' (meaning substantial, not a comment on your cooking) sides you are planning, it would be nice if you marinated and grilled some boneless chicken/turkey thighs and breasts, sliced them and they could be served cold or room temperature to be put over a bed of the baked brown rice. Since you are making the brown rice with edamame, a simple soy or teiyaki marinade for the poultry would work great.

                    With so much Yuntif, I've found I'm making meat or poultry as a flavoring and the veg and grain sides have become the main.

                    If you have kids to serve, a casserole dish of baked beans with cut up hit dog circles is a big hit in the sukkah. Substantial, warms the belly on a cold night and they like it.

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                      I like the idea of grilling chicken breasts and serving them sliced. Maybe I'll also grill a London broil for the meat eater.

                      The only kiddo is my own, and at 18 months she'll eat whatever the adults are eating

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                        So we changed the menu a bit, and ended up only being 6. We had grilled chicken and flank steak. Chicken was marinated in lemon, garlic, basil, olive oil. Steak was marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sherry, honey. Sides- roasted sweet potatoes, green salad, Asian peanut noodles, stir fry of snap peas, yellow squash, brown and white mushrooms.

                        Oh and we grilled some tofurkey Italian sausages. Nasty.

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                        Would please you be so kind as to share the recipe for baked brown rice with edamame? This could work out for a number of my picky eaters.

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                          Its in the kosher by design lightens up book. I'll check the exact recipe when I get a minute, but I know it uses frozen shelled edamame and short grain brown rice.

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                          I made a grill-roasted turkey breast one year. Threw it on the grill with a wood chunk while I prepared other food inside. Served it with magno-pineapple chutney (basically diced mango and pineapple with some finely diced jalapeƱo and lime juice, allowed to sit for a bit) and grilled veggies and wild rice on the side.
                          I like using the grill like that as it frees up space in the kitchen for other food prep.

                        3. i made a shwarma grill mix of turkey, chicken, and lamb meat - and then served it over toasted laffa.