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Sep 22, 2012 08:49 PM

Food trucks in Long Island

I was coming home from another awesome meal at New Chili & Curry last night and I saw driving by on the other side of the road a cuban food truck called Rollin' Cubans Food Truck, I was looking this up online and i stumbled across another truck called The Rolling Spring Roll(Vietnamese). I have to say that this is totally news to me. I had no idea that there were any interesting food trucks in Long Island. (I am not counting the countless hotdogs and sausage trucks). Has anybody had food from any of these trucks. Are there others I am not aware of in Nassau? I am going to have to try and track these trucks down and try them. If Erica Marcus still reads chowhound, maybe this is a good potential Newsday article for a Thursday.

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  1. There is one in Hicksville selling Indian food parked outside the Indian supermarket that used to be the Circuit City store. It appears to be identical to the one formerly parked on Rte 110 outside Costco in Melville. Prices appear to be in the single digit range. Hope to try the new one when I have a chance. Has anyone tried it?

    1. The Rolling Spring Roll parks near my office in Melville and it is AMAZING. It has a small menu, a handful of items, and everything is fresh...fresh tomatoes, mint, scallions, cilantro...he cooks everything's a gourmet truck, not a greasy-type one. I'm always disappointed when he's not there. I even take food home for dinner. He has a Fackbook page where you can get info.

      1. Just stopped at Rolling Spring Roll and had the lemongrass chicken sandwich. Very, very good--fresh and flavorful. Will absolutely return, and Rollin' Cuban is next on the list.

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            Though they generally have a couple of additional items not on the web site. I almost want to tell the guy, "dude, your prices are too low!"


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                FYI, the platters (what he calls "bowls" on the web site) are $7, not $6. Still very much worth it.

              2. re: Scott_R

                Where does the Rolling Cuban food truck park?

                1. re: synergy

                  Generally, 330 W Old Country Rd in Hicksville, though you really need to follow his Facebook page to be sure.

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              I just went today - they were parked at their usual spot on Hub Drive off Spagnoli in Melville. Also had the lemongrass chicken. Wow, so nice to have Vietnamese on Long Island! And as you mentioned, the sandwich was very fresh. Not just that the ingredients were freshly prepared, but the ingredients were really well balanced for a fresh, light sandwich. You really got a hit of the cucumber, pickled carrot, slightly sweet vinegar sauce, cilantro, lemongrass. Every ingredient both stood out and integrated perfectly into the sandwich. And for $5!

              I spent a few minutes speaking to the owner. Great guy. He wants to open a counter service restaurant in a mall type location - but says the owners all say "we have Asian restaurants already." Which makes him nuts, as if all Asian food is the same.

              1. re: sbp

                I'm addicted to his lemongrass chicken. I often get the platter, with rice noodles instead of a roll, and bring it home for dinner.

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                  I finally got to the Rolling Spring Roll today and brought home the Lemongrass Chicken sandwich, Spring Rolls and a menu. My wife, son and I all enjoyed the samples and she really wants to try the Beef Satay. I want to try the Deluxe Vietnamese Cold Cuts and platters/bowls. As others mentioned, a very nice operator. When he asked where I heard of them, I told him ChowHound. He mentioned it to his next customer, an obvious regular who also occasionally visited CH, about how many have mentioned us. I look forward to return visits.

            2. Finally had the chance to try Rollin' Cubans Food Truck. Conclusion: liked it, didn't love it.
              The ropa vieja was pretty good, though not among the best I've had. Loved the texture/consistency, could have used more flavor complexity. The rice and beans were OK--not nearly on the level of Chicken's Road in Bellmore or Sabor a Colombia in Levittown (I know, they're not Cuban, but those are the best comparisons I have). Plaintains were perfectly fine, the yucca was, well, yucca; not much you can really do with it in its basic form.

              Portions were enormous--when I took the bag with the single order, if felt like I'd been handed a brick; I divided it up for both lunch and dinner. Might go back to try the chicken.

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                Sabor a Colombia in Levittown, funny, I've been driving by there in the past two or so months and looking... from the outside it isn't very inviting, which is usually a good sign of good food and I asked a neighbor near them if they are any good. They just said yeah it's ok. Non-Chowhounds... what do they know...
                What other than rice and beans is a must try for a first visit?

              2. Since The Rolling Spring Roll is no longer on the street and hopefully opening a storefront soon on Main Street in Farmingdale, and The Rollin' Cubans Food Truck isn't getting chowhounds raves, where does one get a food truck fix around these parts these days?

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                1. re: Gastronomos

                  No longer on the street? His Facebook page said he'd be back this week.

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                    The Facebook page also has some posts about an upcoming brick and mortar establsihment by some people, so I called him. (VERY NICE Guy) He said he's working on paperwork and fixing up the place next to Tiny Thai on Main Street in Farmingdale. He was limited he claims by the truck and many people want his food beyond the three to four hours he was parked.

                    A couple of more months he says. Can't wait!

                    Do you know of any trucks around to hold us over? I'll take nearly anything! Well, almost anything....


                    1. re: Gastronomos

                      wait!....does that mean we are going to finally have a vietnamese restaurant on Long Island that people may actually go to!?!?!?!

                      I liked everything i ever tried except the Pho at Atlantic Cottage years ago in Lynbrook. Every time i was there the place was empty. Then there was that place in Mineola a couple of blocks from where Sripraphai is, and the food wasn't very good.

                      Is rolling cubans really not good, i still haven't had a chance to get there, being a new father has killed my ability to do whatever i want when i want to get food.

                      1. re: jpf1980

                        I spoke to him some time ago about this. He wanted to be able to greatly expand the menu.

                  2. re: Gastronomos

                    Are you writing a book or something, and using us all as your research team? ;-)