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Sep 22, 2012 07:32 PM

ISO SweeTango apples

Has anyone seen them anywhere, roughly, between Boston and Nashua? I read about these last year but never saw them and would like to give them a try. TIA

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  1. The Wegmans here in Baltimore carry them. Try giving the Northborough store a call.

    1. I saw them at Russo's a week or two ago.

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      1. re: Pia

        I didn't see them at Russo's today but I didn't ask, either.

      2. Whole Foods (at least the Prospect St Cambridge one)

        1. This past Sunday they had them at Wegmans in Northborough.

          1. Two years later, I've finally come upon SweeTango apples, at Hannaford. I much prefer them to Honeycrisp. Both are very crisp and very juicy but to me, the flavor of the Honeycrisp is too perfumey. The SweeTango tastes like that rarest of things, a really good Red Delicious apple. You probably have to be on Social Security, and have a very good memory, to know what I mean by that.