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Sep 22, 2012 07:12 PM

Manhattan Kosher BBQ Challenge...anyone going?

While two important gigs will keep me from being able to attend this impressive event tomorrow, I do love that FAIRWAY has been so so supportive of the NY kosher bbq scene this year. This is the 2nd event they have sponsored following the LI Kosher BBQ Competition at the beginning of the summer. Please chime in if you get to attend should be perfect for this one.

For the record and to appease the MOD gods....I am a chef, bbq pitmaster and kosher caterer who has absolutely nothing to do with this event or any connection whatsoever to Smokey Joes, Fairway or any of the contestants.

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  1. I went. I missed the competition but got Smokey joes. The pulled chicken sandwich was great, the pulled beef was pretty good, although I preferred the smoke on the chicken. The cornbread was only fair, it was just too dense and too sweet. I washed everything down with a lemonade. Overall the weather was perfect and it was great to be able to buy good kosher food at a street fair.