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Sep 22, 2012 06:55 PM


Hello all !

Well, I'll soon be celebrating my birthday in a few weeks and I am having major issues concerning where dinner will be held! I guess I'll give you the details so you guys can be enlightned on my situation and hopefully give me great ideas and soon a enough my solution!

-Everyone is over 18, so ages range from 18-23, therefore I want somewhere that welcomes those ages but also keeps in mind that we are young adults that would like to have a few drinks ( all those over 21 of course)!

- It's kind of a big group, I'd say 15-20. So big group friendly a must! But I would love somewhere that I can be intimate and interact with all my guests yet not be given weird looks if we are getting a tad bit too loud.

- Regarding price, I wouldn't say that I want somewhere cheap exactly but I do want something that is within reason so that my guests won't feel burdened with the prices.

- Concerning the cuisine, I am open to all but I would love if there were a variety of options for all!

-With the atomsphere, I do want something chill and relaxed but I do I want to get a bit dolled up ! But nothing to formal.

-Oh, deff somewhere in the city due to the fact that it is a convienent location for meeting up!

*Any suggestions on how the tab should be handled? Sepreate or all on one bill?

I think that for now that's all I have to add for now! I trust that you guys will give me some awesome ideas, and I will hopefully walk out of here with a great restaurant! IN CHOW I TRUST!

Thanks guys,


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  1. Hi, Maari. I kept reading your criteria to see if you included a budget. Without a specific budget, we won't know how to advise you.

    Tabs for large groups can be a problem, as some people could leave early and dash without paying or underpay. With that size group, I would certainly recommend dividing the bill, including tax and tip, evenly, but if you feel like you don't fully trust any of the people you're considering inviting, don't invite those people. One way to avoid some confusion is to go someplace that requires a prix fixe, which is common for groups of this size, anyway. Then, everyone could be responsible for their own drinks on top of the prix fixe, tax, and tip.

    Also, what level of variety do you want in cuisine? Is it sufficient to have a typical menu that has some vegetables, some meat, some poultry, and some fish/seafood?

    You can always get dolled up. But do you have any preferences for neighborhood?

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    1. re: Pan

      Thank you so much for replying!

      I do agree, should've been more specific concerning budget. I would like to say maybe $ 12-30 an entree I suppose. I want prices to fall somewhere in the middle, I don't want to underprice or overprice!

      I do trust all my guests whom I'm inviting, I just don't want any confusion concerning the tab.

      Variety in menu like meat, vegetables, poultry, and seafood would be suffice. But I am open to specific cuisines like Japenese, Thai, South American, Mexican, etc.

      Neighborhood wise, somewhere in Manhattan would be sufficent. Nowwhere in particular do I have in mind, but location in Manhattan is a must!

      Hope this helps much more than my vagueness above!


      1. re: maari

        Alright, this gives me a bit more to go on.

        Here are some places you might be able to reserve that could have the right atmosphere for you (convivial, perhaps loud, relaxed) and have good food and drinks, though none in the specific cuisines you mentioned:

        Crispo (very good Italian food and good drinks, full bar; large parties are pretty common there, and you can ask to be seated in their garden, which is protected from the rain and heated when necessary).

        Inoteca (also very good Italian food - in particular, they have excellent salads and salumi, good wine list and full bar)

        There's also Supper, another Italian restaurant which I would rate a level or two lower in deliciousness but which is still solidly good and dependable, has good wines, and has a separate area that is used for accommodating big parties. I believe they'd charge you all a prix fixe of $70 or $75, though.

        If you're interested in Korean food, I'm not sure how big the capacity of Don's Bogam is, but that's the place I'd recommend in Manhattan. They specialize in barbecue but have other good dishes, too, and will serve you soju or various other alcoholic drinks; there is a small bar in the front of the restaurant.

        If you decide to have a Cantonese banquet, consider Oriental Garden, but I think it may lack the ambiance you're looking for. For example, they have no bar.

        I don't know how helpful I was. I hope Kathryn and some of the other folks who frequent more of the types of places you're looking for pipe up.

        1. re: Pan

          Thank so very much! I shall right away dive into looking at your suggestions! If anything else comes to mind, let me know right away! Again thank you! And I do hope more people chime in!

          - Maari

          1. re: maari

            Congee Village has a bar and is lots of fun for a party. it also serves a type of Chinese food that nearly everyone likes and has a huge menu.

            1. re: swannee

              Hmm I did look at the menu, concerning the food I don't think thats what I'm looking for. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INPUT! And if you think of anywhere else just drop a line!

    2. Dos Caminos, the one near the meat market. Has Mexican food at fairly reasonable prices. We went with 20 people we had a super long table upstairs. We were loud, even had some little kids running around. It's in a good area also to walk around after or before.

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      1. re: foodwhisperer

        Oh my goodness! Just saw the website, and even the vibe it give off was perfect! Partish but relaxed! Saw the menu and it's looking pretty awesome! TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS PLACE! Atmosphere, service, waitress,how they handeled the tab?!

        1. re: maari

          Maari, sorry I didn't reply back, I'm not sure if it is too late now. I was traveling and didn't look at replies to my posts. The atmosphere is great upstairs, they would set up a very long table to accommodate all of your party. The service will be terrific, as you will have probably two servers. They do pitchers of soda, beer and sangria if you want that. The guacamole comes in big bowls and easy to pass around and share. The tab can be done any way you want. We used 5 credit cards split evenly for our party. they are very accommodating

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            I understand! No worries!! It's not too late! It is actually right on time! Sounds, I think Dos Caminos shall be the place ! Thank you so much!!!

        2. re: foodwhisperer

          You never replied back :( I would be so grateful, if you further explained yourself !!!

        3. The original comment has been removed