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Sep 22, 2012 06:27 PM


I'm hoping to make ravioli later this week for supper. The problem is I'm a little stumped at what filling to make. Is there anything anyone would recommend?

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  1. Butternut squash. This is a delicious, very rich butternut squash lasagne:

    The filling part would be perfect for ravioli. It's *very* rich. The squash is strongly flavored enough to substitute "light" versions of some other ingredients, if you want to lighten it a bit.

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      Yes, butternut squash! Not for May, maybe, but keep in mind:

      Whoops, old post.

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        I noticed that after posting also. Well, it will help others

    2. We like 3 cheese ravioli (ricotta, mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano cheese)
      Spinach and bacon filling
      Spinach with the 3 cheese listed above (sometimes with pesto or garlic butter)
      Shrimp ravioli with a vodka sauce or a basil cream sauce

      1. i just made mushroom ravioli last week - sauteed up some shallots, assorted mushrooms, deglazed with a little white wine, thickened with some cream, seasoned, and stuffed my ravioli - served it all in a duck bolognaise -

          1. There are many dozens of choices, it all depends on what you want the final dish, with the appropriate sauce, to be. If you want complicated, consider a Parmgiano and
            Ricotta filling with a raw egg nestled into the cheese mixture then poached and served with a brown butter sauce.