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I'm hoping to make ravioli later this week for supper. The problem is I'm a little stumped at what filling to make. Is there anything anyone would recommend?

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  1. Butternut squash. This is a delicious, very rich butternut squash lasagne:

    The filling part would be perfect for ravioli. It's *very* rich. The squash is strongly flavored enough to substitute "light" versions of some other ingredients, if you want to lighten it a bit.

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      Yes, butternut squash! Not for May, maybe, but keep in mind:


      Whoops, old post.

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        I noticed that after posting also. Well, it will help others

    2. We like 3 cheese ravioli (ricotta, mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano cheese)
      Spinach and bacon filling
      Spinach with the 3 cheese listed above (sometimes with pesto or garlic butter)
      Shrimp ravioli with a vodka sauce or a basil cream sauce

      1. i just made mushroom ravioli last week - sauteed up some shallots, assorted mushrooms, deglazed with a little white wine, thickened with some cream, seasoned, and stuffed my ravioli - served it all in a duck bolognaise -

          1. There are many dozens of choices, it all depends on what you want the final dish, with the appropriate sauce, to be. If you want complicated, consider a Parmgiano and
            Ricotta filling with a raw egg nestled into the cheese mixture then poached and served with a brown butter sauce.

            1. I make tortellini/agnolotti with this filling and it is always a huge hit.

              6 oz well trimmed pork loin
              4 oz Italian mortadella
              4 oz Italian posciutto di parma
              1 to 1 1/3 cups freshly grated reggiano parmesan cheese
              large pinch nutmeg
              (fresh rosemary leaves, minced cloves of garlic and salt & pepper for the
              pork loin plus butter to cook loin).

              Slice pork loin in half lengthwise and season with salt & pepper. Spread
              fresh rosemary and minced garlic all over the meat. Wrap tightly in plastic
              wrap and let it rest in the fridge for 1 to 2 days. When ready to cook pork
              loin brush off herbs, garlic and excess seasonings. In a skillet over
              medium high heat melt butter and cook pork loin till done, turning as
              necessary. Cool then coarsely chop pork and process briefly in the food
              processor. Don't let it be turn to mush. Remove from processor and add the
              mortadella and prosciutto to the processor. Process till minced and
              combined. Add the cheese, nutmeg and the pork and process to combine. Wrap
              in plastic and refrigerate till needed.

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              1. I've been dying to make this ever since I saw it in Food & Wine: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/go...

                A Batali recipe with goat cheese, orange and fennel.

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                  Mmm, that does sound good. I've added it to my to make list as well.

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                    Looks very much the same as another recipe (for tortellini), except for calling wontons vs. fresh pasta dough. I've made this a couple times (with homemade pasta), and I highly recommend it! Of course, the filling works for tortellini, or ravioli.

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                      I've book marked that one too. I was intending to try the other similar recipe with fresh pasta too. I just recently was given a pasta roller and ravioli is an ideal excuse to play with it.

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                      oooOOOOooo A ravioli version of my FAVORITE salad! I must make this...

                    3. Crab or lobster meat
                      Beef cheeks or shank meat
                      Oxtail meat w some marrow
                      A chicken liver pâté, unless of course you can get foie....

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                        Out of curiosity, what other ingredients would you use in the beef ones?

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                          You can still use an herbed ricotta filling with it. But a goat cheese would also work well. As would a mashed potato filling with some greens & garlic cooked way down or caramelized onions.

                      2. in spring i like peas pureed with mint and ricotta. in fall and winter, i like duxelles with goat cheese and shallots. chestnut puree and smoked mozzarella is nice too.

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                          Yes, wild mushrooms cooked with garlic & port wine would be nice with the beef ones also. I love the smoked mozzarella idea, hotoynoodle.

                        2. I just watched Melissa D'Arabian on tv as I'm typing out some recipes, basically as background noise. BUT, she caught my attention as she was making the Scott Conant ravioli but using chicken instead of duck and chicken liver instead of foie gras for the filling inside. looked great and I'll be making that maybe in the next few days. like the fact that she cheated by using wonton skins which I have in fridge.

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                            Oh, but homemade pasta is so easy and soooo much better.

                            1. I've been thinking about how to go about using Chinese dumpling-style fillings; you wouldn't want a tomato sauce, but some sort of savory coconut/ginger/Thai curry thing would be nice. Or just pan-fry them.

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                                  Then wouldn't that make it an Asian dumpling? Not a ravioli?
                                  Which is not to say it doesn't sound fantastic!