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Sep 22, 2012 06:22 PM

India and Lebanese in London

We'll be staying at the Millennium Bailey's and I was wondering if any one had any recommendations for the above - I'm especially interested in an Indian place with some serious vindaloo. I've also heard that there is some very good Lebanese food in London.


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  1. You have the Bombay Brasserie right at your doorstep.. best to go for a weekend brunch. I'm not sure where the best vindaloo can be found, but we have experts here that I'm sure will pipe in with suggestions. There *is* very good Lebanese food in London. I've only been to Ishbilia, which I like very much but Maroush also gets good notices here.

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      Maroush is a chain; they own Beirut Express, Ranoush, Maroush, and Randa, and they're generally quite the average albeit safe choice.

      Not too far on Kings Road is Al Dar which is really good, albeit more of a cafe than a restaurant (though I haven't been since the recent renovations). I like the fancier Lebanese places in Knightsbridge quite a bit like Beiteddine (lebanese) or Prince Gardens for Iraqi (not so different than Lebanese).

      Edgware Road is full of Lebanese/Arab restaurants, though I can't recommend one over another (some are very busy and thus the better ones). 50% of the ones on the main road are owned by Maroush.

      Indian wise, look for posts by Howler as he is the resident dude.

    2. The Maroush places are a reasonably good bet. And vary in style from place to place from quite casual to quite smart.

      I am, however, much more of a fan of Noura which has. I think, four locations. I've eaten at a couple when visiting London, as we don't have any high end Lebanese places out here in the sticks.

      By the by, are you going to find vindaloo at any of the "good" places? It strikes me as being something I'd associate with the generic high street curry houses.

      1. If you want truly amazing Lebanese food then put in the extra effort to do a Friday lunch at Chez Marcelle. Indian wise I would really need something more specific to point you anywhere. As far as I know, London has no passable Goan restaurants so I'm completely out on where to get even halfway mediocre vindaloo. On the other hand I could give you 3 or 4 places for it in Lisbon...

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          Goan - I found one in Norbury, the other day - it has no online presence. Will need to track it down....not that it would be Central Enough though. Just good to know it's there!

        2. From memory, the owners of Cafe Spice Namaste, at the eastern edge of the City, claim to do a proper vindaloo. They also do an authentic dhansak (a Persian/Indian dish) - they being Parsees, whose roots lie in Persia. Harters is right, Noura is very good.

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            His Lordship is correct about Cafe Spice Namaste. There is a pork vindaloo - not only that but their website confirms it's rare breed piggy. So rare I;d never heard of the breed - Google tells me that it's the rarest of rare breeds - so good on the restaurant for using it and helping to keep the breed from extinction. By the by, they seem to have quite a thing about using rare breed meats.

          2. people say this place is good: I haven't been so unfortunately can't comment, but worth a try perhaps if you fancy a little trip to the 'burbs. As for lebanese, I love Maroush in all its incarnations.