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Sep 22, 2012 05:09 PM

DC area Secret menu compilation?

So on a recent thread about Thai by Thai, there is talk of a secret menu. This is not the first time a secret menu has been mentioned.

Has anyone ever compiled a DC list on CH? I did a search but could not find anything compiled. I'm thinking a list would be helpful because so many of us are adventurous!

So, I'll start it:

Thai by Thai
Bangkok Golden

I would want to know if it has English translations, if the staff will explain dishes, and, of course, what can't be missed!

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  1. There is a Thai language menu at Thai Square in Arlington. No translation. If pressed, they will halp you. They have a really good duck noodle soup on there as well as fish maw salad and I recommend the sour curry. I am not into the raw crab salad - but it's on there if you want it.

    Bangkok Garden in Bethesda also has a good Thai language menu. A small group of us went there a few years back and came up with this report:

    1. How far would you consider "DC area?" Noodles Corner in Columbia (Maryland) has a second "native" menu that has spare English translations, though you often have to convince the staff that you really want it if you're not Asian (which I'm not). Noticed a secret menu was given to some Asian folks at Hunan Gate in Arlington after we'd ordered from the regular menu.

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        I think any location covered by this board is fair game.

        A group of us ordered from the secret menu at Hunan Gate, with the two tofu dishes being standouts. Here is the report.....

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          I said DC area to cast a wide net:) The burbs around DC have amazing restaurants and should be included.