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Sep 22, 2012 03:23 PM

Question about Roux for Gumbo

When I make gumbo, I brown the chicken and sausage first, remove it, and then make the roux in the same pan. Problem: the remaining meaty bits cause the pan to burn before the roux is as dark as I want. Is there an easy way to do this without using multiple pans.

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  1. I bake my chicken for gumbo. I put it on a Silpat on a baking sheet and drizzle oil on it, followed by Joe's Stuff. I do not brown it first. The next time I make it I am going to do it on a rack in the baking sheet instead to reduce the fat. I do not brown the chicken first. I make a very dark roux.

    My favorite recipe for gumbo calls for deep frying the chicken pieces. Then strain the oil and use some for the roux. I just find it easier to "oven fry" it.

    I really think you need to strain it before making the roux.

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      I got lazy, creative and mostly lazy, I didn't have time to go into town for shrimp or mudbugs and I wanted etouffe. So I chopped up some chicken, stirfried it in much more oil than I would use for stir fry in any other way, removed the chicken, and made a med dark walnut roux. Then I added the usual veggies (even if my celery was a bit dehydrated). (Told you I was in a lazy mood.)

      I didn't have that much trouble with the chicken sticking, and it made an acceptable meal. Of course, it would have been better with shrimp or crawfish.

      IF I had had a lot of sticking, I would have deglazed at that point, poured the deglacee off and saved it , and then added fat to the same pot.

      The fewer pots we have to clean, the better the meal tastes to this cook.

      1. re: Uncle Bob

        Uncle Bob said it best. Get your roux started first and, in the meantime, brown your meats. Then, bring the two together later.

        1. I sweat my trinity in one pan while I make the roux in the other. After I make the roux I brown the meats off and use some of the stock to deglaze the pan. Everything goes into the pan with the sweating trinity to cook for an hour while I make cornbread and then the rice.

          Its more import to me to get the maximum flavor than the 2-3 minutes extra that the multiple pans take to wash.

          1. Ok thanks for the replies. I will quit being lazy and do them separately. Good gumbo is worth it.