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Sep 22, 2012 03:10 PM

Meat pierogies in Toronto to take home?

Any place to buy good all-meat filled pierogies? I used to enjoy meat pierogies made by Supreme Pierogies, but they completely changed the filling a few years ago from a nice, fine meat filling to a sausage shaped lump that tasted nothing like the original.

Anyway, any place I could go, grocery store, deli, etc. where I could pick up some great meat pierogies would be great.

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  1. Benna's Fine Foods on Roncesvalles has all sorts of take home pierogies, including meat.

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      Cool. Thank God someone replied! I only come to Toronto a couple times a year and like to stock up. This Benna' they make their own? Or are they supplied by an outside supplier? Did you ever try them? Whatever the answers, thanks. That's close enough to where I stay (near the downtown) to check out.

      Here's some background on this "quest". I got hooked on meat pierogies that were made a a place Called Cafe Suava (sp?) run by Polish people which was 10-15 blocks up from the place you are suggesting on the same street! (that is, on Dundas West, which is what Roncesvalles turn into). Place closed down a good 15+ years ago though.

      Next, and this is crazy, I found a place run by a CHINESE couple in a little hole-in-the-wall shop next the the World's Biggest Book Store. They sold pierogies fresh cooked or frozen, and they also had a couple of Chinese things on the menu (i.e. egg rolls). Egg rolls were terrible, but the meat pierogies were delicious! Go figure. They only last about 2-3 years that I knew of.

      Next, I found meat pierogies made by Supreme pierogies in a shop in Ottawa that were great about 12 years ago while on-the-job training. Luckily, I was smart enough to keep the a bag after I finished them. I knew they were made by "Supreme Pierogies" in Mississauga. I eventually found out they were sold at "Bruno's" Markets, which was within striking distance of where I stay. Great find, and kept me going for years, until, like I say earlier, they ruined the recipe.

      So, my quest for great meat pierogies continues. Hopefully, the place you list is my next great find.

      1. re: moogooguypan

        Glad I could help!

        I think they do make their own - the bags are very 'rustic' looking and the place is Polish-owned.

        That being said - the quality I cannot vouch for, but IF you don't like them - I've heard good things about the food in general at Cafe Polonez on Roncesvalles and perhaps they could make you some to take away?

        Bloor West Village also has a host of delis and ukrainian spots that MIGHT have meat pirogies (though meat pirogies aren't as common in Ukrainian cooking)....and Baby Point Lounge on Jane street might have them too.

        My last recommendation would be an eastern european supermarket called Starsky's. I'm sure they'd have some sort of meat pirogie. The closest one is at 2040 Dundas St. E in Mississauga.

        Cheers :)

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