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Grocery store ice cream favorites!!

I had a silly craving today and am just curious to know what your favorite flavours and brands are.

Always looking to try something new!


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  1. Coaticook pistachio. Chapmans cappucino frozen yogurt. President's Choice chocolate frozen yogurt. I like to toss in the odd Oreo cookie for some crunch :)

    1. Coaticook Cherry
      PC Dulce de Leche

      1. IGA's entire "Compliments - Sensations" ice cream line is amazing. It is not a brand I am particularly fond of in general, seemingly average for most things, but all of their Sensations ice cream is top notch to me! The following flavours are definite must-trys:

        -Double Chocolate Truffle
        -Chocolate Extravagance
        -Double Mint Chocolate
        -Mochachino Almond Fudge
        -Pralines & Cream
        -Sweet and Salty Caramel Crunch

        I have yet to try but am intrigued by both their Lemon and Pistachio flavours.

        1. Go to Kem Coba or Havre aux Glaces,and get a pint for takeout instead.

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            what is to takeout at kem coba? is it just pints from havre aux glaces?

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              Kem Coba packages pints of their own ice cream to take home, as does Havre aux Glaces.

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                oh i thought that kem coba sells havre aux glaces. my bad

          2. Chapman's cookies & cream. Always sells out fast at Marche PA on Fort downtown.

            1. Coaticook pistachio.

              Can anyone tell me if the Chapman's brand is available anywhere on the Plateau? I've never tried it and it sounds like it's good.

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                I get it at Provigo, so the big one at Mont-Royal/St. Urbain should have it. I'm really impressed with their frozen yogurts, for the lower fat factor.. They're tasty and creamy.