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Sep 22, 2012 02:19 PM

Sad news...ambassador restaurant in richmond hill last day tomorrow!

Our favourite Chinese restaurant that we have been patrons of for over a decade is sadly closing after tomorrow! Don't know if it'll remain as a Chinese restaurant but it'll be a different owner.

We'll have to search out another good dim sum place, and where we'll we have our peking ducks now?

Very sad... :-(

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      1. Not surprise!! Never really enjoyed their over-priced and so-so quality food. Plenty of better establishments nearby!. Won't be missed!

        1. I’ll miss it…

          Think of it this way….my friends drink a lot of Harlan Estate. Now, aside from the 2001, I just do not get the stuff…I consider it “over-priced” and “so-so quality” and there are “plenty of better establishments” making a better reflection of the style I like….although not necessarily at a lower price…now if Harlan was to shudder their operations, I would not miss it, but I would never, however, suggest that it “Won’t be missed” if it was to shudder…I mean, I would not miss it but my friends might…I suspect many others might.

          I really liked Ambassador.

          I found many of their dishes were very good, lots of the dim sum items, the Peking duck among other dishes. It really was not that expensive…what, 45-55 bucks for dim sum for 4? Sure, it was no Lung King Heen or Fook Lam Moon or the Chairman, that my company buddies in HKG managed to drag me out to on a trip a few months back… but it was good and I suspect many, including, my in laws from HKG, that loved the place will miss it…

          1. So the real question is... what's going to happen with Big Mouth Kee?

            Not that I've been there in years, but I have so many fond memories of being there late at night. VERY late at night.

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              It's about the only time it's enjoyable... sometimes, the hour totally matters in terms of food taste...

              1. re: trane

                Unless something is happening to that building, what's going on after the Ambassador should not have any effect on BMK. I believe BMK is linked to the Dragon Dynasty in Scarborough and the Grand in Etobicoke through common ownership, but I'm not aware of any links to the Ambassador.