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Sep 22, 2012 01:56 PM

Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken

Revisiting this thread from last year.
Noticed Safeway has them now for $5. That's cheep! (sorry but couldn't resist)
Anyone tried them yet?
Interesting that Metropolitan Market chickens just don't appeal to us, maybe I'm trained for a more "common" chicken. They are pricey too.
QFC is tasty if a little on the salty side.
Costco has a big flavorful chicken for $5 as I remember. It is our winner so far. Both in taste and value.
From my research last year, Whole Foods chicken isn't that much different a chicken from the rest but a lot more expensive.
What chickens are you eating and which ones do you like?

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  1. We still go back to the Costco chicken as the best. We have tried the Safeway, Fred Meyer and Albertson's chickens, and find Costco to be superior. However, in terms of the hot or cold fried chicken, Albertson's is head and shoulders above the other grocery store chains.

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    1. re: MillCreek

      +1 I agree that Albertson's fried chicken is the best of the supermarket fried chickens.

      JayDK... Thanks for the info. We like Costco, but sometimes convenience dictates the choice. $5 for a fully cooked chicken, albeit smaller at Safeway, is worth a try for a quick meal.

    2. I buy them often because they are only $5...they are small and sometimes "soggy" so I put them under the broiler and season them a bit. The meat is always moist and tasty for $5.

      1. Since QFC was swallowed by Kroger, the QFC and Fred Meyer chicken seems like it has an identical prep to me, and I think theirs are not as good as Safeway. I like the fact that Safeway has multiple seasoning choices.

        I am not a Costco member and don't have an Albertson's nearby, so I don't have a basis for comparison.

        At my house, we tend to prefer smaller chickens, at around 3 lbs. The larger birds seem genetically mainipulated and un-natural, and I tend to think the smaller ones cook more evenly.

        1. Hey, JayDK:

          I think they're all OK as far as convenience food goes. The problem is the plastic clamshells they put them in... Within a very short period of time, they become *steamed* roast chickens.

          Considering how cheap and easy it is to roast your own, for me it's an easy choice to cook at home. And if you're willing to take just a little bit of trouble to prep ahead of time (brining, herbs under the skin, etc.), you get SUCH a better result, even without the roti.


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          1. re: kaleokahu

            Salad bars in supermarkets these days often offer olive tapenade. Slip a handful under the skin and roast. oh baby. Toss in capers, garlic, anchovies, and other flavors as desired.

            1. re: mrnelso

              E, Mr. Nelso:

              Exactly. Unless we are so starved for time as to forego a cocktail or pupu, there is ample of it to pimp the humble chicken. What have we become, wageslave barbarians?

              Will try the tapenade. You tried fresh bay laurel leaves under the skin?

              Here's another tragedy... One Ulysses Grant will land you a vintage Sunbeam roti, the results from which will drop your jaw...


          2. I shop Metropolitan Market frequently - more than once a week - and I cannot understand how they can consistently come up with such a dried up bird. For my money Costco wins hands down.

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            1. re: libstewart

              I've had most, including Costco, and I find that Sam's Club for 4.88 for a 3# bird to be the best by far. Costco has a very pronounced flavor, that i don't like. Try Sam's for a juicy, chicken flavored rotisserie bird.

              1. re: Baboo

                I agree. Sam's Club chickens are great. Best I've found so far. Super cheap!

                1. re: Baboo

                  will sam let a non-member buy a chicken?

                  1. re: mrnelso

                    I don't think so. I went in after my membership lapsed thinking I could pay an upcharge for the items (thought I had read that somewhere) and they wouldn't let me buy anything.