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Sep 22, 2012 12:04 PM

Toddler friendly restaurant near Oldwick/Tewksbury

Going apple picking tomorrow to Melick's in Oldwick and looking for a good family friendly, preferably pub style place to go for lunch. It will be a big group, 6 adults and 6 kids ranging from 19 months to 9.

Good jersey diner's are always a second choice, but prefer a restaurant that the grownups can grab a beer at.

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  1. The Oldwick General Store is very close to Melick's. It's not so much a general store as a deli and grill with two rooms with tables. They serve a wide variety of foods (hot and cold). However, it can be hectic there, and no beer.

    For a pub that sounds spot on for what you describe, try Chelseas Pub, in Lebanon, about 10 minutes from Oldwick. Can get a little noisy during game time, but there is an enclosed outdoor seating area if the bar area is too noisy. Not gourmet, but good pub atmosphere, they have a kids menu, etc.
    Very easy to get there from Oldwick. Go south from Oldwick on Oldwick Road a.k.a. Route 517 (a.k.a. Old Turnpike Road, a.k.a. Main Street - - it's the main North/South road through Oldwick) for about 3 miles until you hit Route 22. Make a right on Route 22 (heading West), and Chelseas is about three miles, on the left hand side (You'll have to go a bit past it then make a U turn to cross to East bound side of Route 22.)

    Along the way to Chelseas, on the right side you'll pass another place, Max's 22 which has a bar, and outdoor seating (if the weather is good) but may be a bit much for the kids.

    Finally, there are two diners on this stretch of Route 22, The Spinning Wheel Diner and the Readington Diner

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      Thanks - one of my colleagues lives in the area and will bring in Meltaways from the General Store. That might be reason enough to go.