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Sep 22, 2012 12:02 PM

Humanely raised chicken eggs


Trying to find a local place that sells humanely raised chicken eggs. Pref not a farmer market, as I can't generally get to those - I run a rabbit rescue and the timing doesn't always work.

I live in San Gabriel, so someplace in Pasadena, San Gabriel, Monrovia, etc.



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  1. dunno if there are whole foods markets in your area.
    if so, the one near me carries VITAL FARMS organic and humanely produced eggs.
    the chickens are pastured.
    the eggs are "certified humane."

    1. Vital Farms is sold at WF. Good ratings from Cornocopia too. Certified humane is arguably the highest standard for animal welfare.

      Tasty. They are expensive so they might only be at the bigger stores.