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Sep 22, 2012 11:47 AM

Vienna restaurant itinerary

I'll arrive for 8 days on 14 October 12 for 4 opera, two symphony, 1 chamber music concert and an operetta performances. The restaurant list (in order) includes: Sacher Rot Bar, Rudi's, Silberwirt, Figlmuller, Artner auf der Wieden, Neni, Steirerecke, Kutschker44, Cafe Weimar, Meirerei, and, on my last night, Walter Bauer. Mostly these are evening reservations, save Rudi's and I have some space for lunch should I have missed anything.

I am especially interested in offal. I will likely have beuscherl as my first meal at Sacher. I need to check the "eat Sacher torte" off the list good and early and then eat outside inner stadt with the locals (I hope). Any recs for offal, perhaps beisln??? many thanks, Herm

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  1. Don't have any specific recs (your list already looks pretty comprehensive!) but wanted to point out that there's already a LOT of Vienna discussion in the Europe forum that you might explore.

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      Thanks Kukubura'
      That list IS a result of all those good posts found in the Europe forum. My reservation at Steiererecke was made in March, so this trip has been a while in the planning.

      I posted, because I was searching "offal", the post it found was from 2009. The restaurant no longer exists. I know that many places list liver, sweatbreads and beuschel. I was looking for brains and intestines. I thought there may be an adventurous...or just normal...eater that might know of a restaurant that is famous for such fare. In Paris I ate at "Pied de Cochon". It is seen in "Ratatouille" as "Gustav's" (though the interior shots in the movie were Taillevent"). I had a platter at Pied de Cochon called "Temptation of St. Anthony" that was in fact exactly what I was hoping to find in Vienna: brains, snout, cheeks, a sausage that was intestines stuffed into an intestine, and, pigs feet (Pied de Cochon. DELICIOUS!

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        Gotcha. Sturmi can point you in the right direction, but I'm not sure he checks this forum.