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Sunday Brunch in Mexico city.

Hello everyone.

Where I can have the best Sunday Brunch in Mexico city...
I heard some good comments about the one at the Four seasons.

Please let me know your comments, what kind of food they offer and also the average price.

Thanks for sharing and for taking the time to post in this thread.

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  1. For a SATURDAY brunch of typical Mexican breakfast foods, you might want to try Fonda San Ángel on Plaza Jacinta in San Ángel. The available dishes are plentiful and include fresh seasonal fruits, fresh pan dulce of all kinds, pozole, six or eight guisados (prepared meat and egg dishes) served from big clay cazuelas, quesadillas and eggs prepared to order, yoghurt with honey and cereal, and a host of other choices. The covered terrace is beautiful, the interior rooms are spacious and attractive, and you'll be able to shop the Bazar San Ángel when you finish your meal.

    I know this is a Saturday brunch rather than the Sunday brunch you requested, but you might well enjoy the difference.

    Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

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      It looks like a good choice... thanks for sharing. :)

    2. I know Máximo Bistrot does brunch. I haven't tried it myself but a couple of bloggers I follow have:


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        Thanks!!! The link is great and also the pics there and the info... I am hungry right now

        But one of the links you mention the refer that they are not doing the brunch anymore :( thats sad.
        But the food looks great so we should give it a try.

        Thanks again!!!

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          Oh geez, I completely skipped over that paragraph. Sorry, and never mind. :-)

          Too bad.

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            On Maximo's - well earned vacation for the owner and his wife started yesterday Sunday .
            They will be closed for about 10 to 12 days ... its Mexico so reopen date hasn't been set yet.
            Here is their link http://maximobistrot.com.mx/maximo/

            A definite MUST GO in the city!

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            Here's a Summer 2013 update. Maximo does offer a fantastic brunch the first sunday of every month. They do offer the best french toast in town and the rest of the fare changes every brunch. If you see the quiche, it is the best I have ever had.

            Follow me on twitter @gastronautadf

        2. The Four Seasons has an amazing brunch, they'll even grill fish, shrimp or steaks on the grill in the courtyard for you.

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            Bronwen, do you know what is the cost for brunch at the Four Seasons? Inquiring minds want to know...

            Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

            1. re: cristina

              A famous food critic (Marco beteta) in Mexico, fully recomends the Fours seasons brunch...I think I am going to give it a try. definitive... and come back with a full review.

            2. re: bronwen

              If you remember the price...it will be very useful...


            3. A trip to the Sunday brunch at Las Mananitas in nearby Cuernavaca is a memory maker. It is more elegant than The Mansion in Turtle Creek in Dallas, which says something.

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                Veggo, what an excellent suggestion! Las Mañanitas is completely gorgeous--and a peacock will share your breakfast, eating right out of your hand!

                Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

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                  Cristina your links are very very useful. Thanks for sharing ;)

                2. re: Veggo

                  Thanks for remind me...
                  Never been there,,, But everyone says the place is amazing...

                3. Today on Groupon Mexico there is a discount for 50% off Sunday brunch at Hotel Brick's Brasserie La Moderna.

                  I have been to the hotel for press events and have eaten their appetizers, which are always amazing, (and I usually never eat at those types of events).

                  The brunch sounds pretty good - and comes with unlimited mimosas, bloody marys, etc. So I bought the coupon to check it out. Here is the link if you are interested:


                  Could be worth a try; I guess I'll find out and will post a review.

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                  1. re: JulietInDF

                    Juliet, I signed up for Groupon.mx based on your post. Now, to get to D.F.!

                    Please let us know how it was. We have passed the Hotel Brick on various occasions, but never have succumbed to its allure.

                    1. I'm not sure I'd call this 'the best' Sunday brunch here (I haven't been to most of the mentioned places), but it is my favorite brunch place, so I'll recommend it: the place is named Saks - http://www.saks.com.mx

                      Always a long line, but I don't mind waiting. Really good coffee, delicious pastries baked in the restaurant, delicious main dishes (I recommend the huevos de la campiña), fresh juices.

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                      1. Does any one have try the four seasons hotel sunday brunch?

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                          I have not been to the Four Seasons Sunday brunch but I have been to the weekday breakfast buffet and it is fine. I wasn't necessarily impressed with much there, although it is quite a nice spread with chilaquiles, eggs, tamales, granola, yogurt, etc. The pan dulces were fine, nothing exceptional, and the chocolate caliente was very good. Other than the chocolate, nothing really stood out for me other than the service. I believe that the breakfast buffet is about US$35, roughly, when I was there in Feburary 2012. How is Sunday brunch different? The atmosphere is clubby and the outside courtyard is inviting, but I would go to El Cardenal for brunch over the Four Seasons as long as El Cardenal in the Centro Historico is as good as it was a few years back when I was there.

                          1. re: Mari

                            Mari, El Cardenal Alameda continues to be one of the best breakfasts in town. Conchas con nata, chocolate caliente, chilaquiles con huevo--all those and much more, simply delicious. Some prefer El Cardenal on Palma, but I prefer the Alameda location.

                            Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

                        2. It's been a long time since the original posting but since these things live on the internet, it's whorthwhile to reply.

                          Brunch is a funny thing in Mexico City. Depends on how american, mexican, fancy or casual you want to go. My favorite place is Maximo Bistrot the first sunday of every month.

                          San Jacinto square in San Angel offers a fancy, and expensive mexican fare in a very charming setting. Hotel Brick as of now is closed, and claim to reopen soon. They offer a pleasant environment with inconsistently good food.

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                          1. re: Gastronauta

                            Check my post on this thread dated September 23, 2012 for a longer description of the Saturday brunch at Fonda San Ángel. If I recall correctly, the brunch ends at 12.30 and the restaurant begins its comida service, not a brunch. Fortified with the restaurant's ample brunch selections, you'll be good to go for a full afternoon of shopping at the colorful and entertaining Bazar San Ángel, right there on Plaza San Jacinto.

                            Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

                            1. re: cristina

                              That's where I bought 2 beautiful lamps made from ancient wagon wheel hubs. Cool market and some interesting artists.

                              1. re: Veggo

                                I took many partner for Sunday brunch at the Four seasons for his birthday and it was amazing. I even emailed them beforehand to organise the booking and they brought him a personalized cake as a surprise. The food and the ambience were exquisite

                          2. This, just in, on David Lida's blog:
                            Brunch In Mexico City.

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                            1. re: Anonimo

                              Juliet's pop-up! Thanks for posting, I'll tell her she's made the bigtime: she's on Chowhound!

                              Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

                              1. re: cristina

                                Thanks for that Anonimo. We are called Spice Everywhere.

                                Sorry I never got back to anyone about the brunch at Hotel Brick's Brasserie La Moderna.

                                They had a vast selection, and it was beautiful, but everything kind of tasted the same. Also, I am not one to go for sushi at brunch time.

                                And, it was way too formal for me. I want to relax at brunch, and I sure as hell don't want to dress up.

                                I couldn't find the brunch I wanted, something without pretense, where you can stumble in hungover and be treated like family, even if you are missing a shoe.

                                So, I started my own brunch spot. Lol!

                                We have been doing it as a pop-up restaurant since February, but now we have a semi-permanent home. I am attaching a pic from our first day there, last Sunday.

                                Cristina - I hope you come and try us out soon, I think you will like it!


                                1. re: JulietInDF

                                  Yeah, we walked by the Hotel Brick on Tuesday and it was kind of shocking to see the "CLAUSARADO" signs plastered all over it, even though I'd already had a forewarning of it, perhaps from a Google Map.

                                  OTOH, it was never a place that appealed to me. Too formal and too much dinero.

                                  1. re: Anonimo

                                    Well, hence the 50% off Groupon that I used. LOL!

                                    But we were kind of treated like crap, too. We were probably dubbed the "cheap Groupon couple" and that's why they sat us next to the kitchen.

                                    I had no idea it was closed.

                                  2. re: JulietInDF

                                    We have just this minute returned from a delightful meal at SPICE EVERYWHERE. Four thumbs up--there were two of us! This casual, friendly brunch pop-up is a welcome addition to Sundays in Mexico City.

                                    One of the guys at the table next to us had an omelet liberally adorned with avocado slices that looked marvelous (not to mention huge). His companion had (fasten your seat belts!) fried chicken and waffles that made me try to snag a piece of the chicken, but he deflected my sneaking fork with his arm.

                                    My wife ordered eggs benedict. The eggs were poached beautifully, the Canadian bacon was just right, and the hollandaise nicely lemon-y. She said, "The English muffin was an English muffin, you can't go wrong."

                                    Every egg order arrives with a giant side order of diner-style thinly shredded hash browns and a large side of really excellent fruits-of-the-season (today it was watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, and some blueberries) and toast. My wife had a bloody mary (glass rimmed with celery salt, a good shot of Absolut vodka, terrific spicy tomato juice, a spear of huge green olive and cocktail onion, and a big stick of celery).

                                    I'm doing a low-carb thing at the moment, so I ordered the omelet that the next table guy had ordered. I did eat the fruit but passed on the hash browns and toast. The really enormous omelet lived up to its looks: eggs still tender and the whole thing stuffed with sautéed minced onion, diced sweet red pepper and tomato, and a good amount of real diced ham. The charming and attentive waiter brought salt, salsa cruda, sour cream (not Mexican table cream), a black pepper grinder, catsup, and a bottle of Sriracha for us to use as needed. A sprinkle of salt and a couple of spoonfuls of salsa cruda kicked up the omelet to the punch I like. I would have liked a little chile en polvo to sprinkle on the fruit, but the waiter said there wasn't any.

                                    Juliet wanted us to try the chocolate mousse, made by Oliver Dekeyser, her pastelero (sweets guy). I tried half a teaspoonful of this heaven; Judy tasted it, fell off her chair from joy, and brought the rest of the mousse home for later.

                                    Excellent food aside, one of the really nicest things about the pop-up brunch is the feeling of community and fun in the restaurant, which has indoor and outdoor seating for about 30. This every-Sunday pop-up is designed to be a genuine USA-style brunch in Colonia Roma, Mexico City, and it hits the mark really well. We had a GREAT time and will definitely take friends and go back again.

                                    If you're looking for fancy ambiance, snooty waiters, a view over the city and an array of a zillion brunch buffet choices, this is not the place for you. If you want cozy, friendly treatment and a wonderful (and relatively long) brunch menu, when you're in Mexico City, by all means head for Spice Everywhere. Tell'em Mexico Cooks! sent you.

                                    Cost for two, including one cocktail: 275 pesos, about $21 USD at today's exchange rate.

                                    Spice Everywhere
                                    Puebla 301, casi esquina Salamanca
                                    Col. Roma Norte
                                    Distrito Federal
                                    Sundays only, 10AM - 4PM

                                    Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com