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Sep 22, 2012 11:08 AM

Greatest Hits from Bon Appetit

I love these old photos.

Food photography was surprisingly unsophisticated in the past. So it's not only the horror of the recipes themselves, it's the image that makes one wonder who the heck thought this was an appetizing picture!

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  1. Was it only a month or 2 past that we were arguing whether their
    sliced tomato salad was the rock bottom?

    1. Thank you for this! Hilarious that this was haute cuisine back in the day... We think of Bon Appetit as at least relatively sophisticated...

      1. Awesome!!

        That blue cheese mousse looked suspiciously like Sandra Lee's infamous Haunukka cake!

        1. BA was very much the second banana to Gourmet then, and featured much more home-style, aspiring hostessy types of recipes. Not to say that these dishes don't look revolting (and I don't remember eating anything of the sort back then). Gourmet photos from around then still hold up.

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          1. Fortunately I never ran into any of those! Had I done so, I probably would have sworn off cooking and never come to love BA. :-)