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Sep 22, 2012 10:20 AM

Quiche Lorraine at Bouchon

If you ever see this as the "quiche de jour" you must order it. It is imo the best thing I have had here and yet I have only seen it this past trip. I have been to Bouchon everytime I go to Vegas and they usually have quiche florentine which is good, but not like this one. I am not really a quiche guy but I have to say the quiche lorraine is perfection. It is rich on rich on rich, then coupled with an acidic salad to cut through it all. A perfect balance.

And Bouchon LV, if you see this post, please please please keep making the quiche lorraine!!!

Seriously one of those dishes that you go to a restaurant just for that particular dish. Amazing.

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  1. Preferred the loaf quiche at breakfast downstairs Joaquin something. never found, or could replicate both the creamy and firm texture with the height. Living with a big guy has made me aware of how unsatisfying "tea party food" is. seeing a breakfast French toast the size of a silver dollar was very disappointing.