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Sep 22, 2012 10:00 AM

Quality sushi in montreal

Ive just recently moved to montreal from Toronto and I've had an impossible time finding good sushi. I'm not talking about rolls and the like I mean real fresh fish sushi. My frustration hit the peak when a couple nights ago I tried one of montreal's "best" sushi restaurants, tri-express, and the only two nigiri that came in the omakase were bad pieces of salmon and tuna. I've tried sho dan, kaizen as well as try express and it's pretty much the same story. I'm looking for a place that has a wide variety of quality fresh fish.
Thank you


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  1. Park or Jun-I. Neither are exactly inexpensive. Otherwise, Tri Express is the next best thing, and it's definitely not the same quality it used to be, as you have discovered.

    1. Ya, this is definitely not Toronto. I actually can't think of another north american metropolis with such terrible sushi offerings. Cheryl is right that your only options may be Jun-I and Park. I'd personally aim for the latter.

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      1. re: Fintastic

        Ok I'm going to try park. Do they fly in specials daily?

        1. re: juliangen

          Let us know how Park goes! I am going in a few weeks.

      2. i know this isnt what you asked for,
        but decent "all you can eat" sushi is sushi crescent.
        none of that kanda crap

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        1. re: bobertdeniro

          there is no such thing as decent "all you can eat" sushi. A contradiction in terms.

          1. re: cherylmtl

            I would have to agree with you
            I am aware that that is not what this thread is about since the title states "quality sushi"
            but for whoever cant afford to get their bellies full at a nice sushi place
            an okay place to get full would be sushi crescent. just saying...

            so in other words, quantity would be sushi crescent

        2. I think the sushi problem in Montréal is the lack of a Japanese community. According to Stat Can ( 92% of Japanese Canadians lived in British Columbia, Alberta or Ontario, so it makes sense that they have better offerings.

          I had Sushi in Calgary a few years ago that was excellent... still looking for that elusive sushi restaurant in Montreal that will change the perception.

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          1. re: PhilTG84

            okane in rockland shopping center
            went today for the 19430923409th time and it was delish as usual

          2. The OP said he didn't like Sho dan / Shodan. I went recently, got the sushi & sashami mix for two and it was amazing sushi.