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Sep 22, 2012 09:15 AM

Help with vegan birthday treat... making and transporting boba slushee/smoothie?

This may be a rotten idea...I'm looking for some advice...

For my son's birthday, I'm to provide a treat for his class - 30 people (kids and teachers and staff included). It has to be vegan, gluten-free, low sugar and low fat. I usually rely on a low fat, low sugar, whole wheat carrot cake for a healthy kid treat... I'm not used to cooking gluten free and vegan.

We came up with a fruit smoothie/slushee with boba.

The rub is that it needs to be served at lunch time, and I have to work. So, I need to send in something that the staff can serve without too much additional work.

SO - I'm thinking strawberries, mangoes, agave nectar and juice. If I blend it with ice, will it keep in a fridge for 4 hours? If not, do you think this will come out ok?

What about the boba? If I cook them and drain them, put them into a tupperware with simple syrup, and they keep them in the fridge...will this work? Will it work if cook them the night before?

Any advice welcome, including alternative ideas!

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  1. In my experience, smoothies aren't good unless consumed right after blended. And boba is an aquired texture. I'm not vegan experienced, but what about a chex mix treat, with dried fruit, is the apple cinnamon flavored chex cereal gluten free? If so, maybe apple cinnamon chex mixed with apple chips, maybe add butterscotch chips too. Don't know if thats vegan, gluten free, or low fat, but an idea.

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      Thanks for this - I agree, all may not be into the boba, but they can sip the liquid and leave them if they want!

    2. Or you can make freezer pops with your smoothie ingredients. Put the blended mix into small Dixie cups, with a popsicle stick and freeze. The school can keep them frozen til ready to serve.

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        This is a really great idea! Thanks! My kiddo is excited about boba, but I may be able to talk him into this....

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          Hey, just thought I would mention that we did make 30 paletas, or fruit popsicles. We used strawberries and mango, with a jar of organic blueberry/pomegranate juice, and some agave nectar. I pureed the first batch of fruit to complete smoothness, and left the second a little chunky. Oh, we threw some mint into the second batch....then mixed the liquidy one with the chunkified one and did four ounce pours into cups....could NOT find paper dixie cups in my neck of the woods (was hoping for Dixie Riddle Cups!), but used (and reused) some plastic ones.

          Lucky that the school had space for them in their freezer, since I had to drop them and go to work.

          Great idea, thanks again!

        2. Oh Kool!!!! They sound really good!!!:)) you're welcome!

          1. Vegan avocado-chocolate mousse served in the avocado shells with serrated edges would be easier to transport. Just sayin'. But only if you can get really good avocados.