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Sep 22, 2012 08:57 AM

lovely meal at Ici on Harbord

Had a wonderful dinner at Ici last night. I like that any of their dishes can be ordered in a small or large size, and that the restaurant is happy to serve the courses tapas-style. Ici offers 3 oz pours of wine, which I like.

We decided to use the tapas approach. All the dishes we ordered were the smaller size, except for the scallops and the desserts.

Here's a list of what we ordered:
basket of croquettes (bone marrow croquette, black trumpet mushroom croquettes, provencal-inspired croquettes, potato croquettes with various sauces)
scallop stuffed with crab, and cognac poached lobster
merguez sausage with goat cheese and potato croquettes
duck magret
braised beef with mashed potato
lemon tart with some sort of lemon semifreddo and strawberry sorbet
cointreau creme brulee with iles flottantes
praline souffle

I'd recommend the merguez, the duck and the scallop dishes, if they happen to be on the menu. I plan to try the Grand Marnier souffle on a future visit.

The service was very good. I'm looking forward to going back. This was one of my top meals in Toronto this year.

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  1. Thanks for the review - I've been meaning to go. The smaller portions certainly make it easier to choose when everything sounds so good.

    1. I doubt I'll try the duck but I like your review and I'll add it to my to visit list.

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      1. I have posted a newer review based on our recent experiences:

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          Sorry to hear the meal didn't meet your expectations. I haven't been to Ici since the fall, but it was probably the best bistro meal I've had in Toronto.

          Perhaps I set the bar for my bistro expectations and/or my Toronto restaurant expectations lower than you do. ;-)

          1. re: prima

            Hi Prima,

            I did have high expectations, based on all that I read. I don't think the food was bad; in fact, taken on their own, each dish was fine. But I think that the whole meal was overpriced. And I really hated the squishy baguettes.